Xenon lights – concealed lighting – picture gallery 2

All I can say is WOW. Just take a look and admire the following pictures of some more applications(see the first X-Flex picture gallery) of the X-Flex technology of the Xenon lights – from the restaurants to the bathroom and shower lights, conference rooms and bedrooms – you can apply this new technology to everywhere your imagination leads you! Let’s see what some people have already used the X-flex technology Xenon lighting for:

Conference room with bar, illuminated by concealed lighting – Xenon lights, strip lighting. With the possibility of dimming.

Bar / part of the conference room, with strip lighting different colours, both under shelf lighting and coving lighting, indirect and concealed lighting solutions – X-Flex Xenon lights.

The colour of the strip lights can be chosen by you, and the limit of the usage and application of the Xenon concealed lights is simply your imagination – conference rooms and restaurants application of X-Flex lights.

Xenon lights – concealed ceiling lights, wall lights, coving lights, conference room lights – X-flex light strips for conference rooms

Bathroom lights – concealed lighting solutions for bathroom mirrors, cabinets, under-shelf lights – Xenon lights, strip lights.

Fancy a pink shower environment? Use the Xenon light strips in different colours, with differing IP’s, for the lighting, in a discreet and concealed way, even the bathroom and the shower!

Modern bathrooms with concealed lights not only under-shelf, but even mirror lights – use the X-flex light strips, the Xenon lighting solutions, to lit up discreetly the bathroom mirrors.

Restaurant concealed lighting solutions, wall lights – all you see is just a mood-creating light strip, for creating the proper ambience for the occasion…. – one of the Xflex Xenon lights practical applications

welcome, come in! – mood lighting – Xenon lights, the X-flex light strips, application – wall concealed lighting and also some ceiling concealed lighting….

Concealed lights even in the bedroom, for creating the mood…. Use the Xenon lights for ceiling lighting, wall/behind panel lighting, bed head lighting, etc – the X-flex strip lights use.

Bedroom lighting solutions – discreet lights behind the wall panels or close to the TV display…. the X-flex Xenon light strips can be used for creating the desired atmosphere in any room, with the possibility of using a dimmer.

Restaurant lighting solutions – concealed lights for restaurants – ceiling concealed lights or wall concealed lights from Xenon lights(X-flex strip lights). Available in different lengths, colours, with the option of dimming!

Again, all I can say is: WOW. And, if any of the people that use/installed the X-Flex Xenon light strips would like to send us more pictures of how it looks like with this concealed lights(who knows, book shelf lights, bedroom lights, study room lights, living room lights, more kitchen lights, domestic or commercial venues lighting), please do! Until then, enjoy the pictures and, if you want to order them, visit the X-Flex Xenon lights section at Sparks Lights!


  1. the information is apt and good…. but as of now iam a student i need to know how the fixing of concealed light is done.. if that information was there it would be goood………

    1. why don’t u pay us a visit, if in London, and we’ll show you how to install, replace or fix the concealed lights? If you can’t, then please browse our articles online, our website, and check the PDF instruction files to find out more about how to fix the concealed lights. If you have a particular job to do, let us know what the requirements are, and we may give you some specific advice.

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