X-Flex Xenon Lights – how it works, installation, advice

As we said previously in an article, on our website we are introducing the latest innovation in flexible concealed lighting – the X-flex Xenon low voltage lighting system. In the fast paced world of design, X-Flex is the perfect solution for providing mood lighting when coupled with standard incandescent dimming sequencers and controllers. A bare Xenon lamp produces a colour temperature of approximately 2500K(manufacturers claim, subject to supply voltage).


The X-Flex system operates on 24 volt power and is therefore safe for use in applications such as kitchens, bedrooms, display shelving, and other dry locations. Due to the small scale of the X-flex lighting, coupled with the ability to vary lamp spacings, the applications for which the X-Flex can be applied are limited only by your imagination.

Sleeves – different colours

As an optional extra, coloured filters (or sleevess) are available, giving a viable alternative to expensive neon lighting. The filters are easily interchangeable, meaning a spectrum of different light effects can be achieved. Because the X-Flex assemblies are mounted on a pliable 2 core cable, it is not unfeasible to consider it’s use in areas such as curved recesses, signage applications, on the underside of kitchen cabinets, plus many, many more other places(see a more complete list with pictures of the X flex applications).

While the growing costs of specialised labour to consider, X-Flex can be installed in a variety of ways, none of which are time-consuming or difficult to accomplish. Fixing screws are supplied with each kit; however, alternative methods of fixing can be used. For example, you can use double sided tape or solvent adhesives in order to install the X-flex lighting and to fix it.

Lamp spacings

The X-Flex system allows infinite lamp positioning, ranging from a minimum spacing of 50mm centres upwards.

Practical Application

X-Flex is ideally suited to applications where feature enhancement or service lighting is required. X-Flex offers maximum effect when used in Domex, Ceiling Coffers, under Shelf Pelmets and can be used for Floor Lighting. For more applications, consult our article about the X-Flex applications and pictures.

Distribution of Light

To achieve the optimum and unique spread of light that X-Flex offers, it is important to consider the distance of the light source to the point of reflection. For example, with a lamp spacing of 100mm, the point of linear light will begin at 65mm.

More details: consult the X-Flex Technical Specs or view the article that illustrates the applications of the X-flex.


  1. I have an antique curio cabinet with 2 glass shelves and wooden bottom shelf. The doors and sides are glass. I display art glass in this curio cabinet. I want to install lighting that shines up through the art glass. Will this X-Flex work in this application?

    1. We are not sure about the use of the X-Flex application in this case. To give you a more precise answer, can you supply us with a picture of this cabinet? Do you think that there there may be a way of glueing the cable to the shelves?
      What we can suggest to you is the Illuma track 12, at least until now, with the data you have supplied us.

  2. I am in the process and installing a 3 sliding door wardrobe, I will have lots of shelves and was wondering if x flex would be a suitable product to use to provide lighting in my whole entire wardrobe.

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