X-Flex Xenon lights – concealed lighting, applications

On our website, at the LightsX-Flex Xenon Lights section, we are introducing the latest innovation in flexible concealed lighting – the X-flex Xenon low voltage lighting system. Utilizing the Flow Sealed Xenon lamp, with it’s 20.000 hours lamp life(manufacturer’s claim), X-flex offers a variation of lighting, ranging from a subtle glow to a bright emission.

What can we use the X-flex Xenon lights for? Below are some very practical, successful, and very nice applications for this innovative technology:

In the large halls or exhibition places, to highlight some important details or simply to create the mood and the desired atmosphere, you can use the X-Flex Xenon lights.

Under-bar lighting, application of usage of X-Flex Xenon lights in bars, restaurants and pubs.

Under-cabinet concealed lighting, exhibition and display cabinets highlighting – create the mood for the event with the X-Flex light strips.

Concealed lights can highlight the stylishly designed ceiling patterns, covings, for obtaining a good ambience.

In restaurants, bars, exhibitions, even at home Рconcealed lights(X-Flex Xenon light strips) Рoffer an ambient light by highlighting  certain areas; ceiling and coving highlighting.

With the available colour filters/coatings, you can offer not only a calm white light, but you can customize the colour according to the mood or ambience you want to create. Concealed X-Flex light for use in restaurants, bars, in offices, libraries, at home, etc

Would you light to create a modern look of the wall, or simply to make it look nice? The solution is the X-Flex Xenon lighting strips, available in multiple colours and lengths, for offering a concealed lighting.

To simply set the mood in the kitchen – under-shelf and under-cabinet concealed lighting

Domestic and commercial use – concealed lighting for halls, hallways, exhibitions, large rooms, venues; lighting solution with X-Flex lights.

These are only some of the many applications we, our clients, or our partners have used X-Flex Lights(Xenon lights) for. And this list of pictures CAN increase, as YOU send us your pictures: where did you place the concealed lights – X Flex Xenon Lights – in your flat / bedroom / kitchen / study room / office / etc!

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