x-flex lamps with diffuser and aluminium channel

The X-flex lights, concealed lighting solutions, has numerous applications: see examples of some practical applications in exhibitions, halls, kitchens, conference rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, etc. More info on how it works and the installation – here.

Taking a closer look into one of the aspects of this innovative solution of indirect lighting, there is also the possibility of using the aluminium channel together with the diffuser. When you want to place the X-Flex light strip in an area that

  • is accessible to people,
  • can be reached by hand,
  • can have water splashed on it,
  • or is accidentally touched,

it is safer and nicer to “envelope” the light strip with this solution. In these case, the total dimensions of the X-Flex Xenon lights become: 43mm high, 37mm wide(42mm the end cap), and the length… as long as you want it! 🙂 The picture on the left shows, in a not-so-clear-or-high-quality way, the way it works. This is not a “necessary” or mandatory solution, but is recommended in the above mentioned cases.

The external dimensions of the aluminium channel are: Height 45mm, width 42mm.

Of course, if you “pop in” our showroom, our specialists will give you more information and recommendations concerning the way you can install the X-Flex Xenon lights and use them.

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