Wireless Alarm Kit with GSM Module, the Best Wireless Burglar Alarm kit now cheaper than ever!

Still being one of our best-selling items on the website, the Infinite Prime Wireless Alarms kit INFPKITW is a Complete Kit of Wireless Alarms including GSM module.  The ESP Infinite manufactured Wireless burglar alarm kit has a GSM Wireless Communication Module integrated – you can be notified by mobile when someone is trying to break in or there are any disturbances detected around your home. The GSM module is fitted with a standard Sim Card to become an embedded mobile phone in the Infinite Prime panel. The control of the Infinite home automation devices and two way sound communication can then be achieved from virtually anywhere in the world.  The Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm can be programmed to contact the users mobile phone in an emergency or following an alarm event. The User will receive an SMS text message to inform the event has happened, the user can then talk back directly to the panel or arrange assistance as required. The advanced technology is now for protecting your home!

Other wireless burglar alarms claim to be wire-free, but many times they still have some sort of cables running between the control panel and the external sounder or other devices. These cables make them not fully wireless. But the ESP Infinite Prime INFPKITW is fully wireless – the only cables you need to install are the ones who connect the panel to the power source and the external sounder into the power socket! A sophisticated wireless burglar alarm system that everywhere else online is well over £350 + VAT can be purchased via SparksDirect for as low as £299 + VAT!

Total peace of mind with the Infinite Prime INFP-KITW – 100% guaranteed to operate outside of any interference caused by electrical or radio equipments(including computers, radios, taxis, etc). The FM transmitters in the Infinite INFPKITW wireless kit with GSM module have a high security data encryption which make use of a rolling code facility – making the chances of any other transmitters accidentally using the frequency highly unlikely! Total peace of mind – wirefree burglar alarm system for protecting your home!

The Infinite Prime INFP-KITW Wireless Alarm Kit with GSM Module

Why pay hundreds of £££’s when you can get a Wireless Burglar Alarms Kit with GSM module via the Wireless Alarms section at SparksDirect for as low as £299?!?

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