Why is the new Thorn PopPack so great? FixExpress, ConnectExpress, SafeExpress, and SaveExpress!

If you have been to our showroom in Archway – Sparks and Lights – you have definitely seen these jolly brochures from Thorn Lighting, with a popping-up question – Why is the New Thorn Poppack so great? Below we are doing our best to introduce the new technology behind this new range of Thorn Fluorescent Fittings – which took years to evolve so that now it may take you seconds to install them! Imagine being able to install a fluorescent batten in seconds, and then add 3 hour emergency capability and/or motion and daylight sensing also in seconds. Well, the folks at Thorn Lighting not only imagined it – they designed it and are now manufacturing the new PopPack range of fluorescent battens!

Why is the new Thorn PopPack so great? FixExpress, ConnectExpress, SafeExpress, and SaveExpress!

Why is new Thorn Lighting PopPack so great?

As if there weren’t enough reasons to convince you, Thorn Lighting has also made sure that new PopPack scores very high on:

  • Affordability
  • Functionality
  • Innovation and technology
  • A big range to satisfy all popular commercial and industrial requirements
  • Reliability

All the fluorescent battens are NOT the same – the new Thorn PopPack range stands head and shoulders above the rest!

  • PopPack – FixExpress! Quicker installation sequence
  • PopPack – ConnectExpress! Easy access and connection
  • PopPack – SafeExpress! Rapid authentic emergency module
  • PopPack – SaveExpress! Presence and daylight detection module

Thorn Lighting PopPack range overview –
Traditional ‘Classic’ or unique, innovative, ‘Compact’ batten design

The Thorn Lighting PopPack Classic batten

  • Contemporary slim line design
  • Single or twin lamps – T26 (T8) or T16 (T5)
  • Flexibility – plug and play sensor/emergency modules
  • A choice of attachments
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Example: the Thorn PPZXL136 Poppack Batten Luminaire range(T26 lamp, High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp).

The Thorn Lighting PopPack Compact

  • High light output (55W TC-L) from something so small (607mm long)
  • Economy multi packs ideal for adhoc installations
  • Single fix installation point
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Flexibility – plug and play sensor/emergency modules
  • Ideal for small space applications

Performance: Designed with a choice of high performance optical controllers to provide different lit effects to give the right light whatever the application.
Efficiency: At the heart of the new Thorn Lighting PopPack is ease and speed of installation saving time and money. Attachments for sensors and emergency expand the flexibility with minimal effort. Optimised optics reduce energy requirements and therefore CO2 emissions.
Comfort: Modern styling combined with a choice of attachments offers consistency throughout the application space, providing satisfaction and stimulation.

This is the first part of the Thorn Lighting PopPack range introduction, inspired from the Thorn PopPack brochure. You can get it online or in store – pay us a visit at the Sparks and Lights Showroom. As for the Thorn Lighting PopPack fluorescent battens – you can buy them online via the Fluorescent Fittings section.

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