White Ripasso Glass Pendant Featured in Homebuilding and Renovation Magazine

No matter how good our online store is and how cool it looks, even with its mobile responsiveness and good looks, we at Sparks Electrical are at the core of our business quite “physical”.

This means that we deal a lot with physical and material things like lights, switches, sockets, heaters, and lots of people who not necessarily order online on their phones but prefer to come into our showroom in Archway and buy things over the counter.

This being said, we are happy to announce that one of our many customers have testified of the amazing light fittings she purchased from us – and she did this IN PRINT!

Ripasso Pendant in
Homebuilding and Renovation Magazine

White Ripasso Glass Pendant Featured in Homebuilding and Renovation MagazineIf you read the Homebuilding & Renovation Magazine you will enjoy the quality of their articles, the analysis of the projects, and the observations and recommendations for different renovation or building projects. You will also love the large pictures, the details of how real people redid their house, kitchen, bathroom, country home, etc.

One project presented in the June 2013 issue of the magazine features the Ripasso White Pendant. Asked, What Was your Best Buy in this process of Renovation? the lady who purchased it from us said,

Definitely the pendant lights that hang over the bar. I found them online and they define the area and create a great atmosphere for entertaining.

Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine features Ripasso pendants from Sparks Electrical

More about the Nordlux Ripasso Pendants

The Nordlux Ripasso glass pendants are famous by now – we have previously called them “modern, colorful, and dramatic“, and “designer collection glass Carafe pendants“. They look like a carafe, and come in many delicious finishes like: smouldering red, deep black, smokey green, and juicy lime green.

Buy online the Ripasso White Glass Pendants via Sparks Electrical

Ideal for above-table mounting, you can adjust the length of the cord (200cm max), and you can install them in groups featuring more than one color.

You can read more about the Ripasso pendants via our blog, and they can be purchased online with delivery in max. 2-3 working days.

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