Waterproof luminaires from Thorn: Aquaforce II, IP65 fluorescent fittings

Thorn Lighting is one of the most proeminent fluorescent fittings manufacturer, constantly improving their lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Their focus is to provide the user/customer with a complete product range that will cover any lighting project they may tackle, available from stock via sparksdirect.co.uk(and the existing lighting wholesalers in UK). Some of their high-end and most-recently developed products have been grouped in the so-called LumExpress, where some new ranges have been introduced. Little by little, these fluorescent fittings will be posted on our website. For now, we have started with the Aquaforce II, Waterproof luminaires, available in the switchstart, the High Frequency and the High Frequency Emergency versions.

Thorn Aquaforce II is a new statement in reliable, value for money IP65 luminaires, for use in wet and dusty environments where reliability and peace of mind are important. Its features include

  • easy quick-fix installation brackets as standard,
  • tough polycarbonate body and diffuser for maximum impact resistance, and
  • a choice of switchstart, high frequency and emergency control gear.

All luminaires are made in a highly automated manufacturing process, ensuring a consistent, seamless gasket seal set into a deep channel, giving you peace of mind that Thorn Aquaforce II fluorescent fittings will hold its performance in difficult IP65 environments. Below are the 2 models(single or twin batten luminaire), with their respective dimensions.

Some of the models of Aquaforce fluorescent fittings, according to their categories, are:

Single Weather proof Fluorescent Fittings, Aquaforce

Double Weather proof Fluorescent Fittings, Aquaforce

Single High Frequency Emergency Weatherproof fitting Aquaforce II

Twin High Frequency Emergency Weatherproof fitting Aquaforce II

To purchase online Thorn fluorescent fittings, visit the Fluorescent Lights at the Lights category.


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