Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 video wireless door unlock kit: more amazing features of L3100WVK

Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 video wireless door unlock kit: more amazing features of L3100WVKMuch has been said of the Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 – a Professional Wireless Video Door Entry Control kit comprising the Vu-Com Pro Handset L3011-WHS, the Call Station L3121-WCS, the L2000-HCU Handset Charger, and the L3000-PSU Call Point Power Supply(with the programmable proximity cards as optional). When someone comes to visit you or some random person knocks at your door / rings the doorbell, wouldn’t you prefer to have a way to SEE that person BEFORE he enters the building or the house? Here’s where the Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 video wireless door unlock kit comes in very handy – you have one or two handsets in the house that are wirelessly connected to the call station outside and show you on an LCD screen WHO is at the door! And besides this, the kit does so much more!

More Amazing Features of the Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 video wireless door unlock kit

  • Colour video pictures: view the person at the door in live colour video on the handset;
  • Portable handset: take it anywhere in the house with you and use it when someone calls!
  • Speak to the visitors: identify the person in front of the door and speak to him before letting him in;
  • Door Unlock / door release button: the handset has a door release button, you don’t need to go to the door;
  • Wide range of coverage: use the handset up to 300m distance in free field from the call station;
  • Select your ringtones: 12 selectable ringtones for notifying you who’s at the door;
  • Page between handsets: a paging function is available between the handsets, to find or notify one another in the house;
  • Infra red camera for night vision: the call station mounted outside helps you view even your night visitors, view the callers at night;
  • Expand the system: why not make it a two way system by adding an extra call station and an extra handset? If you need it, why not?
  • Surveillance mode: it is built in, the surveillance mode function is available for the call station;
  • Rechargeable battery: no more chargers – via the mini USB interface you can charge the handset straight from the PC;
  • Guaranteed product: you have a solid two years guarantee for this amazing door unlock wireless kit;
  • Weatherproof call station: if you need to put the call station outside, it can withstand the rain(it has a weather shield);
  • Proximity card: for regular visitors and for yourself and your family, you can have up to 20 card users; these are very simple to program, delete, or re-program!
  • Powered up non-stop: just in case the mains power is out, there’s a standby battery ready to power the call station(don’t leave your visitors / guests out in the rain);
  • Separate inline power supply: better choice of cabling with the separate inline power supply(specific only to the Vu-Com Pro 3000 wireless series);
  • Call status information: the backlit tricolor call button tells you who is calling / what is going on at the entrance;
  • Silent ringtones: if you have guests or something important going on, you can silence the handset and activate the vibration alert and the flashing LED!
  • Buy online the Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 – Professional Wireless Video Door Entry kit with door unlocking.

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