Tubular Heating as a Heating Solution for Areas your Central Heating can’t Reach

Tubular Heating is a Solution for Areas your Central Heating Can’t Reach

Tubular heating elements are often used for the purpose of industrial heating, due to their great versatility and affordability. They are primarily used for heating solids, liquids and gases through the methods of conduction, convection or radiation heating.

These heating elements can reach a very high temperature and are a strongly efficient choice for heavy-duty industrial application, for instance in factories. However, they have recently made a huge dent in the domestic market, for their aforementioned flexibility and low pricing.

Domestic applications of the tubular heater

However, as previously stated they are versatile and can be used for domestic purposes too. A wide variety of them are sold here at Sparks. Tubular heaters offer a dynamic way to provide frost protection, prevent condensation and offer a heat solution, in a variety of unusual environments.

For instance, they can heat greenhouses, exterior walls during building projects and airing cupboards where there is no longer a hot water cylinder. They can even be utilised on rarely used boats and caravans that would otherwise become victim to freezing temperatures when unused.

They are especially useful in colder countries such as England, where heating is required to prevent frost and condensation in areas that aren’t often frequented.

Thermotube – a leader in the field of tubular heating

They’re not just for outbuildings - tubular heating closer to home. They’re not just for outbuildings - tubular heating closer to homeOne of the key appeals of tubular heating is that it is cheap to run – they are often found in 110v or 230/240v variations, which are highly efficient. Thermotubes range of heaters can cost an incredibly low £0.0005 per hour/ per foot to run.

All Thermotube heaters are at least IP54 rated, meaning they should be able to withstand the toughest weather elements the British climate might offer.

Typically, tubular heaters from Thermotube range from one to six feet and are supplied with mounting brackets for each length type. The varying lengths of the heating elements offer the user flexibility, depending on what they are using the heater for. Power outputs range from 60W to 360W in accordance to the customer’s needs.

Thermotube also offers single and double guards on all their heating elements to ensure people are protected from the heaters. If you place a tubular heater in a location where an unsupervised young or elderly person is likely to access it, it is highly recommended you install the guard.

Why tubular heaters are perfect for this cold time of year – and why they are better than their competition

Why tubular heaters are perfect for this cold time of year - and why they are better than their competition. Thermotube - a leader in the field of tubular heating

When the temperatures drop as low as they have recently, energy bills can go through the roof. As a nation, we tend to turn the central heating up to the maximum, get our oil tanks full and boilers serviced, in reaction to particularly cold winters.

However, for the thousands upon thousands who own outbuildings such as greenhouses, stables, sheds and workshops the issue of heating can get tricky during these periods.

In fact, prices can get astronomical if you look to use regular heating methods in these outbuildings, far from your central heating source.

Tubular heaters provide an excellent solution, giving you a clean and efficient manner of maintaining an ambient temperature at just the right level.

They have many advantages compared to other outbuilding heating solutions such as paraffin stoves or electric fan heaters. Paraffin heaters carry with them the risk of hazardous fumes and potential fires if they are knocked over. Electric fan heaters provide satisfying instant heat – but at a very limited range, while consuming exorbitant amounts of energy.

Tubular heaters have multiple advantages over their alternatives. They use only a tiny fraction of the electricity consumed by a fan heater and are cleaner, cheaper (and far safer) than a paraffin heater.

Many tubular heaters come with a built-in thermostat to ensure the temperature is regulated properly against the encroachment of frost and damp. Their space-saving design ensures they can be used practically anywhere – with a greatly reduced risk of fire.

They’re not just for outbuildings – tubular heating closer to home

Tubular heating is not just designed for workshops and other outbuildings. You may also approach them as an alternative to radiators inside your home if you are looking to provide cost-effective heating to certain house spaces.

These house spaces can include:

  • Attics.
  • Basements.
  • Garages.
  • Any large vacant rooms.
  • Bike sheds.
  • Storage rooms.

The fact the tubular elements range in size from one to six feet, combined with available special linking kits, means that it is possible to use them as a whole bank of heaters in any room.

They are practical for any application, whether it be small or large. Therefore, maybe you should look into tubular heaters if you own outbuildings or large vacant rooms that are in need of protection from frost.

We here at Sparks will be more than happy to provide assistance with advice and our range of tubular heaters.

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