Top Five Cool Contemporary Chandeliers Every Home Should Have

Today, we thought we might highlight some cool and modern chandeliers from our store that range from the affordable to the hedonistically fancy.

1. Nemo Crown Minor 

The Nemo Crown is the classic chandelier – but updated in a balanced, geometric style by Jehs + Laub for Nemo Cassina, who previously designed Lapland’s ice hotel, which is exactly what it sounds like.

2. Athena 8-Light Crystal Chandelier

The 8-light Athena¬†pendant has a polished chrome finish and is strung together with Swarovski crystal drops and rhinestones. It reminds us of an ice queen’s lair from one of our fantasy novels.

3. 12-Light Atom Pendant

The retro-futuristic style of the Atom reminds us of Dan Dare comic strips from the 1950s – and you can never be too young (or too old) to appreciate that!

4. Satin Silver 3-Light Zanzibar Pendant

The Zanzibar 3-Light Pendant is an excellent budget model in a torrent of shiny things, bringing a little Middle-Eastern-inspired detail into any home.

5. Swirling 10-Light Figaro Chandelier

Finally, the low-voltage Figaro can be bent and shaped into any configuration you like, and if 10 lights aren’t enough, it’s part of a whole range.

Did we miss anything? Is there something even better in our store? Why not take a look and let us know in the comments?

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