Thorn Lighting PopPack Fluorescent Battens Safe and Save: the SafeExpress and the SaveExpress!

This amazing range of fluorescent batten luminaires, part of the innovations Thorn Lighting brings to the table, is the PopPack fluorescent battens – and has at least these four great properties / features: FixExpress, ConnectExpress, SafeExpress, and SaveExpress. We have previously talked about the FixExpress and the ConnectExpress – and now here are more details about what the SafeExpress and SaveExpress involve.

The PopPack SafeExpress – Rapid authentic emergency module

  • A standards compliant, LED ‘plug and play’ 3 hour emergency conversion module;
  • Plugs directly into any new PopPack – no need for separate emergency versions (not suitable for 14/24W);
  • Electrically connected in seconds;
  • Manual or Self Test options;
  • The self-contained emergency LED is non-maintained;
  • Generous fitting spacings due to high output LED (see table);
  • Long life LED eliminates the need for changes;
  • View the full range of the PopPack batten luminaires.

The Thorn Lighting PopPack SafeExpress - Rapid authentic emergency module

The PopPack SaveExpress – Presence and daylight detection module

  • The ‘plug and play’ theme continues with a presence detector and daylight sensor module (not suitable for 14/24W versions).
  • The motion sensor enables the luminaire to be automatically switched on and off (15 mins Off delay time).
  • The daylight detector operates when the ambient level drops below 350lux.
  • An LED emergency module and sensor module can be mounted on the same PopPack, simply by using both ends of the fitting.
  • High frequency control gear gives potential energy savings of 20% when compared with switch start operation.
  • More details and models of the Thorn PopPack high frequency battens.

The Thorn Lighting PopPack SaveExpress - Presence and daylight detection module. SaveExpress: Light level detection area and Presence detection area

Brilliant range of Fluorescent Battens from Thorn Lighting – the PopPack battens. You can purchase them via the Fluorescent Lights – check out some models from this range:

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