thorn fluorescent battens and popular diffusers replacing the fitzgerald ones

At the Lights Fluorescent Fittings you used to see a wide range of Lightpacks fluorescent fittings, and you can still see them now, with only one observation – the Thorn Lighting battens / poppacks / diffusers / fluorescent fittings are replacing the previous ones(which were Fitzgerald made). The previous ones, which can still be found in our catalogue, yet not on the first page, are available as stock lasts. As for the Thorn Lighting Fluorescent fittings, we have put online at least the Popular Range  Battens and the Popular Range Diffusers. More details about the Thorn pop packs(the features, the materials/finish, the installation/mounting, and the specification) and the Thorn diffusers(the materials made of, and some other specs) – read below. Remember: all these Fluorescent Fittings are available In-Store Pick-Up Only!

The Thorn Lighting Popular range battens

  • These battens are the only ones called ‘Pop Pack‘, the original fluorescent batten.
  • No conversions – standard range includes maintained emergency versions.
  • The battens, the louvre and the reflector attachments are suitable for emergency lighting.
  • The adjustable twin lampholder provides uniform light in low ceiling installations or downward light in high mounting positions.
  • Tool-less, clip-on cover plate for quick installation.
  • Digital dimmable (DSI) versions allow dimming down to 1% lamp power.
  • Single and twin body in 4 lengths from 600mm to 1800mm (2ft – 6ft).
  • High frequency electronic gear with Emergency and Explorer SelfTest emergency versions.
  • A range of diffusers and reflectors covering every application requirement is available.
  • The pop pack battens can be surface or suspension mounted.
  • These popular range of batten luminaires have twist-lock lampholders for reliable electrical contact
  • Slim spine with durable corrosion resistant finish

Thorn Pop Pack Materials/Finish

  • The Batten: rolled steel section in pre-coated high reflectivity white paint.
  • The lampholder assembly: tough white polycarbonate.

The Installation/Mounting of the Thorn

  • Four way terminal block with capacity for 2 x 2.5 mm2 cables.
  • Angled terminal block for easy wiring.
  • Ambient temperature: switchstart -5deg to 25deg C, High frequency electronic -15deg to 25deg C.
  • Normal, dry, indoor atmospheres.
  • Fixings via two BESA piercings, at fixing centres: 600mm – 500mm, 1200/1500/1800mm – 600mm, Bare battens can be mounted end-to-end(except emergency versions – recommended minimum space between luminaires 50mm).
  • Emergency fixing centres: 600mm, 1110mm and 1410mm.

Specification – As Thorn Popular Pack Batten

Popular Range Economy Diffusers

Economy opal or prismatic diffusers for use with Popular Range Battens

  • This range of diffusers is especially for the cost conscious schemes.
  • Retained by spring loaded end caps – allow minimum 50mm spacing between end caps of adjacent diffusers

The Materials/Finish used by the Thorn Popular Diffusers

The opal or prismatic diffusers from Thorn Lighting use UV stabilised styrene with white ABS end caps.


  • The Economy diffuser: the diffuser is in extruded opal polystyrene with external reeding/Prismatic controller in clear extruded polystyrene with finely embossed prismatic pattern in base. Known as the Thorn Popular Range Economy Diffuser.
  • There are 2 types of diffusers:
    -1- The prismatic diffuser
    -2- The Opal Diffuser.

To purchase online the fluorescent fittings manufactured by Thorn Lighting, visit the Fluorescent lights section, where you can choose the type of the fluorescent light(single or double) and the type of the diffuser(opal single/double or prismatic single/double); after choosing the type, there is a list of specific dimensions, from which you have to choose the most appropriate one for your need.
For example, let’s say that you choose the single fluorescent batten fitting; you have the following options:

  • PP1100 – length: 6ft/2400mm, 100W (£30.82 (ex VAT))
  • PP118 – length: 2ft/600mm, 18W (£13.25 (ex VAT))
  • PP136 – length: 4ft/1200mm, 36W (£14.13 (ex VAT))
  • PP136LPF – length: 4ft/1200mm, 36W, low power factor (£8.10 (ex VAT))
  • PP158 – length: 5ft/1500mm, 58W (£14.86 (ex VAT))
  • PP158LPF – length: 5ft/1500mm, 58W, low power factor (£9.60 (ex VAT))
  • PP170 – length: 6ft/1800mm, 70W (£17.88 (ex VAT))
  • PPC136LP – length: 4ft/1200mm, low power factor, with diffuser (£15.49 (ex VAT))
  • PPC158LP – length: 5ft/1500mm, low power factor, with diffuser (£17.15 (ex VAT))

🙂 Most of the Thorn fluorescent lighting contain also the manufacturer’s code/part number, so that if you want to find out more information, you can check more specs on their website(the popular batten range and the popular diffuser range).


  1. We have inherited premises with a number of Fitzgerald batten gittings T8 x approx 450 mm long. I am told they are not made anymore – is this true. How do you get rplacement tubes?
    If all else fails what is best option to fit a space approx 550 mm wide where obviously a 600 mm fitting wont go?

    1. You’re right, the fittings are no longer manufactured, but the tubes / lamps are still available for purchase. If the fittings are good, all you need to do is to buy the standard T8 tube with that length. One of the best ways to do it is to go to your local wholesaler(or visit us in Archway, North London) with one of the lamp tubes and purchase at least 1 or 2, then try them on…

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