the key to an easy and affordable Fire Alarm System at home: RadioLINK!

Research shows that early detection of a fire significantly reduces the chance of injury or death: the sooner you hear the warning, the more time you have to evacuate.

An interconnected system of several fire alarms can help detect the signs of fire as early as possible. But that can mean hardwiring the whole system, and for many people the hassle of tearing apart walls, ceilings and carpets is simply too much.

Aico’s RadioLINK-enabled devices use radio frequencies to communicate with each other, so the system can be interlinked without the need to run cables through your home. It’s a low-hassle and non-disruptive way to create an interconnected fire alarm system in your home.

the key to an easy and affordable Fire Alarm System at home: RadioLINK!

Using this range of devices it is much easier to construct a Grade D system in your home in accordance with standards set out in BS 5839-6, 2004. And, as a bonus, the whole system is low-cost!

Connecting a remote panel makes the system an addressable one that can help to quickly locate the source of a fire. Simply pressing a button will silence all the alarms in the system except that which was first triggered. This is particularly useful in larger houses.

Robust House Coding System – RadioLINK

These devices make use of a robust house-coding system, so your alarms will never be set off by your next-door neighbour’s detectors. Every RadioLINK base unit comes pre-programmed with a unique code that takes just a few minutes to enter onto your new system.

The RadioLINK system is incredibly resilient against radio interference from security systems, car alarms, 3G and Wi-Fi signals, and possibly even Jeff Goldblum’s magic laptop (although we haven’t had the chance to test that one).

With a range of accessories, you can also wirelessly connect the system to an auto-dialler, an external warden station or an alarm system for the deaf, among others.

Ideal for setting up an advanced fire alarm system in your home whether you live in a three-storey mansion in Shropshire or a shoebox flat in King’s Cross, the RadioLINK-enabled fire alarms available in our showroom (or from our online store) are simple, effective and affordable.

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