The Illuma Barn Door TH75WH, White Decorative fittings for the Illuma Electrospot

No, these fittings are NOT the spotlights themselves – the Illuma TH75WH Barn Door Fittings are decorative attachments for the Illuma Electrospot track spotlights. In a stylish white finish, the Illuma TH75WH Barn Door Fittings inherit the timeless design from the Electrospot fittings. Ideal for exhibitions, shows, galleries, in retail and commercial environments, and they are particularly suitable for the places where the benefits of 12V lighting are required, with the flexibility of a mains-voltage installation.

The Illuma TH75WH Decorative Barn Doors – Main Features

Remember: Make the most out of your Illuma Electrospot Track Spotlights by using the Illuma Barn Door Fittings.

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