The GET Smart wireless dimmers, controlling wirelessly the connected lights

The GET Smart Wireless Lighting System operates by sending coded wireless signals from controllers to wired-in circuit receiver units. These receiver units in turn control any light fittings that are connected to them. The stylish battery operated controllers can be located in any position around the home. They are available either as a wall controller that can be mounted as a flush switch in the existing 16mm deep wall box, as a surface switch in the supplied surface pattress box or as a remote portable unit. Each controller will enable you to set up to four scenes which can be selected at the push of a button.

Two different types of receiver units are used in the GET Wireless system:

  1. Firstly, a floor receiver that is connected in-line to free standing lamps, uplighters or table lamps.
  2. The second option, is a ceiling receiver that is wired into the circuit of the lights you are including within the lighting scene. Ceiling lights, wall lights, picture lights all can be controlled, set and dimmed from your wireless lighting controller.

The GET Smart Wireless Lighting System provides a stylish approach to controllable lighting, creating individual atmosphere for today’s modern home or business.

GET Wireless Dimmers – Smart Wireless Lighting System – Features

  • Ease of installation
    – No new wiring, no damage to decoration
    – Easy to install and simple to programme; System can be extended at any time;
  • Versatility
    – Allows control of indoor and outdoor lighting, even in the bathroom
    – Locate controllers anywhere
  • Scene setting
    – Create a range of moods for family meals, entertaining or other special occasions
  • Energy efficiency
    – Whole house control from one single controller
  • Security
    – Peace of mind at the touch of a button

Each Floor Receiver or Ceiling Receiver has a maximum lighting load of 350W/VA. There is no limitation on the number of Receivers you can include within a lighting scene.

GET Smart wireless lighting system – some models

  • GHAWT – Wall Controller including pattress & grid plate (stainless steel)
  • GHAPT – Remote Controller including wall bracket (stainless steel)
  • GHARWB – Remote Controller spare wall bracket
  • Replacement Wall Controller face plates
    GHAFP (different finishes) – 1 gang replacement Wall Controller face plates
    GHA2GFP (different finishes) – 2 gang replacement Wall Controller face plates
  • Receivers
    GHACR – Ceiling Receiver
    GHAFR – Floor Receiver including approx 1m cable and plug
    GHAFRES – Floor Receiver including approx 1m cable and plug plus 13A socket

Buy online this range of Smart Wireless Controllers for the Lighting system (the dimmers/controllers are installed in whatever location you want them, with NO HARDWIRING necessary, and the floor/ceiling receiver is also installed in its place – max. 50m from the controller) – via sparksdirect at the Dimming Systems section, GET Smart Wireless Dimmer.

Please Note – the GET Smart Wireless Dimming System has been discontinued by GET – it is No Longer Available for sale at!

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