The CP Electronics PDS-PRM Wall PIR Presence Detector(no neutral PIR detector)

This article introduces an energy saving device from CP Electronics – the PDS-PRM No Neutral Wall Mounted PIR Presence DetectorThe PDS-PRM presence detector switches are designed to provide automatic control of lighting, heating or ventilation loads. They detect movement using a PIR sensor and turn the load on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time out period. A similar device is the CP Electronics PDSWall Mounted No Neutral Presence Detector, energy saving presence detection switch.

An internal light sensor provides additional energy saving in lighting applications. When an area is occupied lighting is only switched on when the level of natural light is below a preset level. A selectable security mode switches the lights on for a period of 2 hours when it gets dark, regardless of occupancy, to give the impression of a building being occupied. The CP Electronics PDS-PRM/S comes with longer mounting screws and countersunk holes on the cover plate. This is to allow the installer to secure the unit and cover plate with external screw fixings.

CP Electronics PDS-PRM – Simple Setup PIR detector

The CP Electronics PDSPRM – Security mode

The Security mode can be turned on and off using the switches as shown in the “setup” section. When activated, security mode is used to switch on lighting when it gets dark, giving the impression a house is occupied. When the CP Electronics PDS-PRM detector senses that the outside light is dark, the lights will automatically switch on for a period of 4 hours then switch off.

The PDS-PRM Wall mounted PIR presence detector – Technical Specs

  • Supply Voltage: 220-240 Volts AC 50 Hz;
  • Power: 10A;
  • Time out period: Adjustable 1minute to 30 minutes;
  • Light level: Optional adjustment by thumbwheel light to dark;
  • Terminal Capacity: 2.5mm2;
  • Material: Flame retardant ABS Type Class 2;
  • Temperature: -10°C to 35°C;
  • Conformity: BS EN60669-2-1 & BS EN55015;
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 mm, total depth: 42mm(19 + 23);
  • Detection range: 5-9m;
  • Full Technical details – manufacturer’s specs for the CP Electronics PDS-PRM;
  • Buy online the PDSPRM presence detector via Sparks Electrical Wholesaler Ltd.

You can find out more about the similar Wall Mounted No Neutral Presence Detector, energy saving presence detection switch and about the energy saving switching or dimming presence detector types, lighting control solutions. How to choose the right PIR switch / the best PIR presence detector? Here are some tips: Tips for choosing the right PIR for what you need(the main features of a good PIR presence detector).

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