the cheapest way to get more customers: the word of mouth!

the cheapest way to get more customers: the word of mouth!When you have an electrical and lighting showroom that also has an online store it is not easy to see what’s the best way to advertise your products. Should you go for printed marketing materials? Should you do some promotions? Will it work if you lower some prices for an entire popular range of products? What about bringing in more ranges?

Advertising your business online is also tricky – yes, you can use the google adwords, make a nice website with proper landing pages for the desired keywords, optimize your website, etc. You can even create a twitter account, a facebook account, a google+ account, and other accounts on the social networks. The question still stands: how can you get more customers?

Note: this article does not intend to diminish or put down any of the offline or online endeavors to promote one’s business. Rather, it brings about an observation which is as pertinent as all the other means of advertising, if not more.

The Cheapest Way to Get More Customers!

Have you ever thought, What is the Cheapest Way for Your Business to Get More Customers? We don’t pretend we know what it is, but according to our experience we have seen that this way simply is…. WOM – Word of Mouth! You actually don’t have to pay for it – your customers will “work for you” and promote you and your products / services if they love them!

If you have a good product which also has a great price, your customers will love it. But if the service you offer and the attitude of the sales consultant is friendly and helpful, the customer will love you! You will not even have to tell him to recommend you to his friends – the impression he gets will pop up when he talks to his friends, and you will be recommended!

It is the same in online advertising, where the “word of mouth” is a bit more difficult to explain. Some people prefer that people “talk about them” even if it is concerning something negative – “negative publicity still means advertising”. But what if you offer a bonus or a discount to a customer who orders the second or third time? Without you even meeting him or physically talking to him, he will love you and he will recommend you to his friends and family!

The bottom line is this, Take Care of Your Customers, and they will work for you. They will sing your praises, and you will be made known to their friends through them. Just… do what you do best – offer GOOD products, REASONABLE prices, and VERY GOOD customer service!

What do YOU think? What is the cheapest way to get more customers?


  1. Great blog post. There is a thing called netpromoter which we have half implemented here at Trade Skills 4U. Simply put we ask every customer if they would recommend us. If they wont then we ask why and make sure we resolve the issue if there is one. As a result we are able to ensure that our word of mouth marketing is working as hard is it can for us.

  2. That’s a brilliant solution! Since people order on the website anyways or contact you for your services, you want to get their feedback!

    We are currently working on a newer and better version of our website, and we hope such mechanisms would be set in place, and more attention to the customer feedback would be paid!

    … all in all, the word of mouth resulting from the good service and the reasonable priced products, with the overall feeling, works out for you more than any online advertising campaigns….

  3. You cannot fully discard the online advertising or even the new social media means to advertise and make your products known. But the fact is that the Word of Mouth method of promoting your business and products is FREE, that is, if you’re doing your job right!

    No matter how online your business is, you will need to take a special interest in PEOPLE and their preferences, their satisfaction, and their comfort! If you have happy customers, they will also take good care of you!

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