the cheapest low voltage extractor fan(including timer and transformer), the Airflow Mini Loovent SELVMLFT Fan

Guaranteed: the cheapest Low Voltage Air Extractor Fan – it includes the Timer and the Transformer! This SELV (Safe Extra Low Voltage) mini loovent fan from Airflow is powered from a remotely mounted transformer unit, which allows the fan to be mounted in a close proximity to a bath or shower in order to provide safe and efficient extraction of moist, steam, and odours. Low voltage extractor fan, with IP55 protection – can be positioned in zone 1 in the bathroom! Safe and reliable flam, with high productivity rate and with management provided by the timer.

The SELVMLFT fan is very quiet, drawing most of the air, moist, steam and other side smells from the premises.

Application: This extractor fan can be installed on the wall, window, or ceiling mounted for toilets or bathrooms, with natural light.

SELVMLFT – The cheapest 4 inch extractor fan from Airflow – Features

  • This Low Voltage air extractor fan has an integral timer.
  • Supplied with remote mounting transformer.
  • Low voltage extractor fan – 12V.
  • Remote switch operation. ON/OFF operating as required.
  • Performance up to 18 l/sec, 65 m3/hr.
  • 220-240 Volt 1PH, 50Hz.
  • 12V volt A.C. transformer enclosure to IP55.
  • IP55 – this low voltage fan can be sited in bathroom zone 1.
  • Adjustable timer control – remote or light switch operation.
  • Ducting capability in a ready to fit kit.
  • Provides quiet, efficient extraction of moist air, steam and odours.
  • Thermally protected motor.
  • Versatile for wall, window (window kit sold separate) and ceiling mounting.
  • Supplied with 150mm square bezel surround.
  • Fixing pack supplied.
  • Complies with Building Regulations (F1-1995).
  • 3 Year “no quibble” guarantee.
  • Includes Timer and Transformer – the guaranteed Cheapest Price!
  • Note: To convert this Extractor Fan into a window extractor fan, you will need to order the WK.
  • Buy online this affordable extractor fan for domestic use.

The SELVMLFT low voltage fan can be fitted in a wall, window or ceiling. For window mounting, the window kit accessory is required. It is permissible for the fan to be mounted anywhere in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room, etc, for the extraction of steam, even close to a bath or shower, but the maximum ambient temperature limit of 40 degree C must not be exceeded.
Note: This extractor fan should not be used in air containing flammable gases or dust.

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  1. I have one of these in my bathroom and it works very well.
    Is it possible to get a new roof cover – mine blew off in the recent high winds and smashed on the road.

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