The Best GU10 LED Lamp on Durability, Performance, and Energy Saving (Video)

The Best Buy GU10 LED Lamp on Durability, Performance, and Energy Saving (Video)In June 2014 Integral LED was awarded by “Which?” with the “Best Buy for GU10 LED bulb” on the categories of durability, performance, and energy saving.

The tests they performed and the results they obtained can be found on their website, but one thing is certain: after a rigorous testing against many of the big name LED manufacturer brands, Which? has awarded the “Best Buy (Spotlights)” in June 2014 to the Integral LED made GU10 PAR16 5.3W 3000K non-dimmable LED lamp.

What we are talking about is a retrofit LED lamp which delivers a warm light and brightness, being the equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb (see the manufacturer announcement on their blog).

Also, this LED lamp features quad high output Everlight LEDs, has an anti-glare refractor, and is finished in aluminium and plastic with a GU10 lamp cap and a thermally efficient body. Great for both commercial use and domestic applications.

This LED light bulb is a perfect replacement for the once-efficient but now energy-wasting and quite inefficient 50W halogen lamps, and this LED lamp can help you reduce your electricity bills by up to 85% instantly.

Think about it: you can save money every month on electricity with a fast pay back of less than a year!

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Technical specifications for this Awarded LED Lamp

  • Wattage: 5.3W (equivalent to 50W halogen lamp)
  • Dimming: non-dimmable LED lamp
  • Type: GU10 PAR16 LED light bulb
  • Light color: warm white 3000K
  • Anti-glare refractor, high quad output Everlight LEDs.
  • Lumens: 350 useful lumens (370lm nominal)
  • Lumens per watt: 69.8lm/W
  • Construction: plastic and aluminium heat-sink
  • Dimensions: 52mm length, 50mm diameter
  • Mains voltage LED lamp, 50Hz
  • IP rating: IP20 rated.
  • Energy rating: A+

More specifications and technical details together with more other pictures and videos for this awarded BEST LED Spotlight in 2014 can be found via our dedicated page for this GU10LS5W LED lamp at

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