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Sometimes we manage to complicate the most simple things, and the Terms and Conditions, or the Conditions of Use is one of these things. Many times our customers called us to find out some of these conditions and terms, because it was quite complicated on the website. So, we tried to simplify them and also to be more specific! Especially in the case of the returns of the faulty/unwanted products, we would like to be as specific as possible:

  • If the items you have received are faulty/damaged, you have the obligation to notify us by email/fax about this in maximum 3 working days.
  • In case the items you have bought are damaged, we will replace them.
  • The manufacturer’s guarantee passes to the end user. If the items are damaged/faulty after 30 days, we will pass on the manufacturer’s contact details, for you to deal directly with them.
  • Unwanted items: if within 14 days from receiving your order you decide you do not want the items you ordered, contact us by email / phone and we will confirm the return of the items(you will support the carriage expenses). The items have to be in their original packaging; we reserve the right to deny the re-fund if we consider the items are not in a re-sell-able condition. The return of the unwanted products does not apply in the case of specially ordered or customized products.
  • For more information on your right to withdraw from your purchase within the seven working day cooling-off period, visit the Department of Trade and Industry’s Web site at: UK Department for Business site, which also has a form you can print off to return to us as notification.

We will come back/post on the website at this page, Terms and Conditions,  more details as we encounter situations. Basically, you cannot:

  • return the unwanted product after 14 days of receiving it;
  • just return the faulty item – without letting us know first & obtaining a confirmation;
  • return to us products that you decide you don’t want after using them for a while, and they are not in a sell-able condition(we will decide if a certain item is in a sell-able condition);
  • return the faulty item to us after 30 days from the purchase date; we will give you, in case it is possible, the manufacturer’s details, so that you may deal with them directly;

and the list will keep growing, as we encounter case after case…. Until then, please consult our most recent modified conditions of use:

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