Special price for the air conditioning 12000 BTU portable

In updating and checking the products and prices at the Cooling category(inside the Heating and Ventilation menu), we came to the 12000 BTU Portable Air-conditioning C/W Heater & Remote Control who, from today on(at least until the end of the year, will have a special price: £150 + VAT(no more £220+VAT)! Get ready for the next summer with this air conditioning and dehumidifying unit which has, among other characteristics, a timer function and an automatic sleeping facility, for complete comfort! Air conditioning units provide efficient cooling for most rooms in the home including conservatories and bedrooms with a rating of 12000 BTU, this model having full remote control operation for ease use. Complete with flexible ducting make these units virtually usable anywhere around the home. This model, 12000 BTU, is suitable for the larger room that have bigger heat loads; the  recommended maximum room size 30m².

Some administrative and practical announcements:

  • we appologise for the downtime of our website for the past 2-3 days; because of some technical issues, we experienced some problems, so now we moved our website on faster and better servers which, hopefully, will help us (both the visitor and the owner) to access the website faster!
  • orders – we don’t take orders over the phone, but you can order online at www.sparksdirect.co.uk – our secure website. We work with ProtX, and we’re thinking of implementing paypal and / or google checkout also, for those customers that prefer these means of payment.
  • Our schedule, as posted on the website, is:
    – Monday through Friday, 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM;
    – Saturday, 8.30 AM – 2.30 PM;
  • one recommendation to all the first time customers that call in, and to all the customers that call – it is easier for us all if you can give us a reference number – a code number of the product you are interested in. It is specified on our website, in the description of the products.
  • Unfortunately – we do not yet serve/deliver products outside of UK, so you have to have a UK address where the order can be delivered to; so, if you are from Europe(like France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc) or even from Ireland, we cannot YET send you the products if you order online(actually, you will notice that it your order will not be processed if your address is not in the UK). Sorry…. we are working on this though…

We thank again all the customers and visitors for the appreciation or critiques of our website, and soon we will post a page with the customer/client/visitor comments and opinions/suggestions about our site. In the meantime, you can write us either by email or here, on the blog. 🙂

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