Sangamo Round Pattern Time Switches – original fit & forget commercial switches

Sangamo Round Pattern S250 Time Switches - original fit & forget time switchThe Sangamo Round Pattern Time Switches are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use in industrial and commercial installations. All models have a 20 amp switching capability, allowing the products to be utilised in many heavy duty applications where the use of contactors cannot be warranted.

To cater for a wide variety of applications, the range of Round Pattern Time Switches includes three distinct groups, each with their own unique characteristics:

  • The Sangamo Electronic E850 Range: Flexible, seven day, fully programmable electronic control with battery reserve. Allows up to 48 ON and 48 OFF operations per day.
  • The Sangamo Quartz Q550 Range: 24 Hour quartz controlled with battery reserve.
  • The Sangamo Standard S250 Range: 24 Hour quartz controlled without battery reserve.

On our website we have the Sangamo S250 range and the Sangamo Q550 – this is a round pattern time switch, a 24 hour quartz controlled without battery reserve, 3/4 pin base. Up to two ON and two OFF operations per day.

The 24 hour programming cycle performs the same sequence of switching operations on each day and can be quickly and easily set using the small manual levers on the dial. A “day omission” device allows you to select any number of days in the week on which the switching cycle can be disabled.  A general purpose times witch for heating, ventilation and equipment control applications.

The Sangamo synchronous time switches are designed to perform a daily cycle of operations affected by operating levers fitted to the dial. Once set by the user, the switch will operate at the selected times on every day of the week; if operations are not required on certain days, the Day Omission Device can be used. Also, a manual operation push button is provided.

Sangamo Synchronous Time Switches at Sparks

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