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Part of the Consumer units, the industrial consumer units, there is a wide range of Ryefield Boards, Ryefield cut outs and Ryefield service head fuseboards. We are one of the only wholesalers that not only sell the Ryefield range of fuseboards and Ryefield boards but we also have them in stock. Many times the decision to get a Ryefield board is made at the last minute, so the need to have the Ryefield board is urgent. We are here to cover the need of Ryefield boards – industrial consumer units! More details about the Ryefield TPN fuseboards, the Ryefield Cut Outs and Service Head Dis. Fuseboards and other Ryefield boards (can be ordered/quoted on request) – see below.

Ryefield TPN Fuseboard features

  • The cases are fabricated from 18g steel sheets.
  • The covers are lift-off hinged covers, with padlocking attachment and Multilock.
  • The back of the cases is drilled and embossed for the wall fixing.
  • The fuser units can be 60A and 100A.
  • The clamps are standard main grass clamps, adjustable in order to accept 25 sq mm to 120 sq mm stranded conductors.
  • The brass neutral is with main clamp and pinching screw circuit terminals – one per fuse unit.
  • The brass earth block is with pinching screw terminals and PME link.
  • On the top and bottom, the plan removable plates are as standard.
  • The finish: The case is enamelled epoxy polyester powder Dark Grey Shade, BS632. The screws are made of steel, and the component parts are zinc plated.
  • The Ryefield TPN fuseboards range from 6 to 36 fuseways spread over three phases as a standard. If there are any specials, you can send us a request.
  • Buy online Ryefield TPN fuseboards.

Ryefield TPN Fuseboard Extras(on special request)

  • Main clamps double bored – for looped conductors up to 120 sq mm stranded or solid.
  • Main clamps single bored – for conductors up to 240 sq mm stranded or solid.
  • Main clamps electro tinned or serrated – for aluminium conductors.
  • Top and bottom plates drilled, split and fitted with grommets or hardwood or non ferrous plates.
  • Deep cases for double rising conductors with dis board connected to front set of conductors.
  • Send us a request for an offer concerning the extras for Ryefield TPN Fuseboards.

Ryefield Cut Outs and Service Head Dis. Fuseboards

Ryefield SHT Fuseboard specs

  • Special compact unit; it is designed to fit directly above a 24 Seven (LE) 100 Amp 3 phase service head.
  • Removable coupler – fitted at the bottom.
  • 25mm knockouts in top for each SPN outgoing circuit.
  • 60mm service fuse units.
  • PME links as standard.
  • Range: 4-7 SPN fuseways, over 3 phases.
  • Finish: Epoxy powder light straw shade BS384
  • Buy online Ryefield SHT Fuseboards.

Ryefield C060 specs

  • Sealable cut out boxes complete with 60A(or 100A) service fuse units.
  • Available in SPN or TPN forms(on special request) – Ryefield SPN or Ryefield TPN, Ryefield C060 model.
  • 4 Henley blocks can be fitted In Lieu of fuse units as simple 5 way link box(1 in/4 out, up to 35 sq mm cable).
  • Finish: Epoxy powder Dark Grey BS632.
  • Buy online Ryefield boards C060

Other Ryefield boards – can be ordered/quoted on request:

  • Ryefield SHS Fuseboard
  • Ryefield Busbar C/T chamebers & ‘J’ Cut out units(PLCT, VCT, C0160/400 TPN).
  • RyefieldAnti-Vandal Fuseboards(XTP – AHS, XTP-AVS, PTP-AHS).
  • Ryefield ‘J’ type multiway fuseboards.
  • Ryefield Composite fuseboards and specials
    – J type dis fuseboards;
    – Composite fuseboards;
  • Ryefield multiway and special fuseboards:
    – Multiway services fuseboards;
    – Multiway service fuse board including ‘J’ cut outs;
    – 24way Multiway.
  • Ryefield Special superimposed case(SIC) fuseboards:
    – Standard Specification SIC;
    – High Specification X-SIC.
  • Ryefield Rising Mains(ASTA certified, to BS5486 part 2 1978)
  • Ryefield Link boxes and Earth bars(A3051, A3050, R5105)
  • Ryefield Special C/T Chambers – made to order.

To purchase online Ryefield boards, view our full offer at the Industrial Consumer Units, where you can choose the proper Ryefield board for your need. For any advice, contact us, email us with a request, call us, or even visit us in our showroom in Archway – our consultants will help you in your decision and choice. Do not forget: All the Ryefield Boards are In-Store Pick-Up only, and in order to get a price for them call us!


  1. Dear sirs,

    Can you please provide me with a quote for 2x Ryefield boards.

    1, 200A TP&N 6 Way Ryefield

    2, 200A TP&N 4 Way Ryefield

    Can you please provide me with you most cometative quote as a matter of urgency.


    Fred Taylor

    1. Dear Fred Taylor, we have replied to you with prices, models and availability by email. Please let us know if you have any more requests.

  2. Dear sir

    I would like to enquare price for 5way or 4way 100A ryfield board
    (3 Phase)It will be very helpfull having your quote as soon as possible.

    1. Dear Mr. Orhan Bulus, we have emailed you the offer for these Ryefield Boards(4 way and 6 way, 60A and 100A, 3 phase) – the ones we keep in stock

  3. Dear Sir

    Require quotation for Ryfield 3ph and N box with 160a fuses
    similar to the CO60 spec.

    Most urgent must get quote into my customer this morning.

    Regards ID

    1. Dear Ian, please email us at sales at sparksdirect.co.uk with either the model number of the Ryefield Board you are looking for, or the full specs of the board(how many ways, what fuses, etc). We usually have most of the Ryefield Boards in stock, and they are for in-store pick-up only. We’ll also email you this information.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  4. Dear Sir
    thank you for reply i require a 1 way box sealable cut out box L1,L2 L3 + N
    with possible 160a fuses in each phase

    as previous e mail similar to the CO60 specification

    1. One of the Hager solutions for what you describe is the JFG316U160A Fuse Combination Switch. See below some of the features of this box:
      The Hager range of fuse combination switches has been designed to complement both the TP&N and panelboard ranges by providing individual protection and control of individual circuits.
      The enclosures up to 100A have been designed to provide adequate cabling space without the need for additional cable spreader boxes.
      Operation of the device is through a door mounted rotary handle which is mechanically interlocked to prevent access to live conductors when the switch is in the on position. The handle is also padlockable in the off position.
      All versions will accept standard BS88 fuse links and can be converted to switch disconnector by fitting copper links.
      Utilisation category
      # AC22B – 630 – 800A
      # AC23 – 20 – 400A
      Product features
      Complies with: BS EN 60439 Part 1 (enclosure), BS EN 60947 Part 3 (device)
      IP rating: IP31

      If this is what you are looking for, please let us know. We will have to send you a quote(it has to be specially ordered), and the time of delivery(usually 3-4 working days).

  5. I am trying to get the history clear. At a site with about 700 flats completed in about 1973 there were/are groups of 10 flats served by 10? way Ryefield boards with 10mm^2 risers to metered consumer units. The LEB organised all this and I guess owned it up to the meter. Now EDF are the electricity supplier. What do you know about the way this kind of thing has developed? I am trying to help a tennants committee who are not sure how much they have to pay for the upkeep.
    I am also interested in the cable sizing. I know the LEB used to be able to treat the IEE regs with some latitude. The whole cable system has functioned OK for the last 45 years so there cannot be much wrong with it. A quick reading of modern calculations leads to much bigger cables, but a more careful reading of the regulations shows how the 10sqmm cables can be justified.
    I would like to know how you react to this thinking.

    Max Fordham.

  6. I wonder if you can tell me where i could get a key for the grey RYEFIELD cabinets its a long thin key and it fits all

    thanks Daniel

    1. The keys on the Ryefield boards are not “universal”; there are 5 different ones. On the cylinder you will note a number from 1 to 5, and that number determines which key it is. The cost is £32 + VAT(20%); unfortunately, they cannot be “copied” or “duplicated”, and there is no alternative. We usually can get them in on order – in max. 1 week’s time. Let us know if you’re interested in purchasing one.

      1. our EDF man has a marster key was hoping to get one keep losing all of ours

  7. Good evening I am interested in buying several sets of keys for the Ryefield Boards, could you please send me your details via email so I can ring you to discuss.

  8. Dear Sirs,
    I will be pleased to know the price of a 2 way three phase Ryefield board with 100Amp

  9. We need to connect up to a 200 amp 3 phase supply. Our client needs to fit 1no set of 160 amp fuses for the electricity board to meter from and another of 100 amp fuses . So we are looking for a Ryefield panel with minimum of 2, 3 phase ways with cut outs of 160 amp fuses and 100 amp. Can you build a panel for this so the LEB can then fit the relevant meters and seal the panel / fuses

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