Remotely control your lights via the Wireless Lighting Control switch – the Wisebox!

For those who know this useful tool, Wisebox has been very helpful in controlling the lighting system remotely – 4 Way Remote Control Switching system, Wireless Lighting Controls Kit! The WiseBox Kit is a wireless switching system kit: 4 Channel, Style Switch & Remote. It contains all the components required to achieve wireless lighting controls.

Also, this Wisebox Kit is a complete wireless switching system, your ideal solution for achieving wireless lighting control. The Wisebox unit controls your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc. Once it is programmed, place the indoor wireless switch in a suitable location and the installation is complete. Read more about the Wisebox features and see the Wisebox Internal Components – below.

Enjoy switching your circuits from anywhere in your garden or home with the remote control.

The WiseBox Kit has a receiver that has four 10 amp channels with a 200 metre range. These channels can be changed from switching to an open circuit. Each circuit on the WiseBox is fused individually with a 10 amp fuse to protect all the circuits. Also, this Wisebox kit includes a 4 button remote keyfob and a 4 button wall switch. The remote wall switch, which is also supplied, can be placed in a suitable location inside the home, and the remote keyfob provides you more convenience for controlling your lights anywhere in the house.

WISEBOX – Remotely Controlling Your Lighting System – Wireless Lighting Control Switch – Features

  • The Wise Switches / Remotes: The keyfob and the wall switch included within the kit both have four buttons. Once you have programmed the button of your choice to link with a channel, that button will switch the channels circuit on / off;
  • Height: 155mm; Including Glands: 184mm;
  • Width: 200mm;
  • Depth: 80mm;
  • Max Amps: 40 Amps (4 x 10 Amps);
  • Max Amps / Circuit: 10 Amps;
  • Min Wattage / Circuit: 1W;
  • Voltage: 240V;
  • IP Rating: IP54(can be placed outside, outdoor switching system);
  • Range: 200m (open 200 meter range to remote switch);
  • Key fob: 4 button remote keyfob included;
  • Dimming: this product is not dimmable;
  • Reception frequency: 868.3 MHz;
  • Intermediate Frequency IF: 10.7 MHz;
  • Sensibility(finely tuned signal): 1 micro V;
  • Operating temperature range: -20 – +60 degrees Celsius;
  • Maximum commutable power at the relay with resistive load: 10A / 250V;
  • Buy online the Wisebox – special price – 4 Way Remote Control Switching system, Wireless Lighting Controls Kit.

The Wisebox – the components – Remote Control Switching System

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  1. i’ve installed a wise box on my garden lights using just 2 of the 4 oututs tried to programme it doing exactly what it says to do in the instructions but it will not work any tips would be great

    1. It shouldn’t make any difference if you wire 2 out of 4, it should work regardlessly – if there are any problems, you may have to check the wiring. They are very reliable. If it still doesn’t work after you checked everything, it would be a good idea to take the item back to where you purchased it from(call them up/email them and arrange a returns, etc).

      1. Hi,

        would you know why one of the circuits keeps the lights on all the time instead of going off when I press it? I have added a few more outdoor lights to the circuit. Do you think there are too many lights connected to one circuit? Each Ground spike light is running 35Watts LED spot lights and there are 9 spike lights attached to the circuit in total? thanks

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