Rako Wireless RAMB1 Astro Time Clock Module, an Astronomical 7-day programmable time clock

Rako Wireless RAMB1 Astro Time Clock Module, an Astronomical 7-day programmable time clockWhat is the Rako Wireless Lighting RAMB1? The Rako Wireless RAMB1 is a 7 day programmable time clock unit with macro, sequencing and holiday mode functions. Fully programmable 7 day time clock for automating any Rako RF control system. Control lighting, blinds and curtains automatically. The unit calculates the dusk and dawn times using latitude and longitude settings, ideal for home security when combined with motorised window treatments. The Rako Wireless Lighting RAMB1 can be configured using the RASOFT programming software, but with simple user changes available using the hidden keypad.

Providing Automatic Control to the Rako Wireless Lighting SystemThe Rako Wireless RAMB1 astronomical time clock adds fully automatic scene selection to any Rako RF system. The ‘mapping’ feature allows any RAKOM message to be conditionally filtered and a scene, level or macro command selected. A common use for this feature is an On/Off push button plate located at an entrance. Pressing the On button during the day only brings on only the hallway lights, but at night it will bring on lights in the hallway, landings and entrance porch. The ‘macro’ function enables pathways of light and complex sequences to be replayed via a single button press, a relay contact into the auxiliary input or at a specified time. When activated, the Rako Wireless RAMB1 Holiday Mode replays recorded scene activity, creating a truly occupied look to a property.

The Rako RAMB1 Astro Time Clock Module – Technical Specs

  • Astronomical Time Clock for the Rako Wireless System;
  • Configured using the RASOFT programming software;
  • Configuration: With simple user changes available using the hidden keypad;
  • Connections: 2 way screw terminal for power supply, 2 way screw terminal for auxiliary input, 10 way IDC for RASOFT serial connect;
  • Innovative Wireless Dimming Solutions – the Rako Wireless Lighting Controls;
  • Standards: EMC – EN 5001-1 :1992, Immunity – EN 50082-1 :1997, LVD – EN 60950-1 :1992;
  • Communication: Rakom coded fm radio, 433.9MHz;
  • Memory: Flash memory (non volatile), Battery backup for date and time;
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032 Lithium cell;
  • RAKO Wireless Astro time clock unit;
  • Needs a 12V DC Supply or RAPSU;
  • Dimensions: 118mm x 146mm x 30mm;
  • Input supply: 12V DC regulated (RAPSU or equiv.);
  • Weight: 275g; Housing: UL V0 material;
  • Climate range: Temperature +2C to +40C;
  • Humidity: +5% to 95% non condensing;
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  • About the Rako Wireless LED Dimmers, Controlling the LED lighting with Rako;
  • Buy online the Rako Wireless Lighting RAMB1 Astronomical 7-day programmable time clock.

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