Rako Wireless Lighting RDT500-C RF Trailing Edge Dimmer(ceiling in-line Rako Dimmer)

What is the Rako Wireless Lighting RDT500C? The Rako RDT500-C is an in-line RF dimmer for Tungsten, Low Voltage Halogen and other trailing edge dimmable loads. More specifically, this is the trailing edge 500W ceiling mount dimmer external aerial (Quiet dimming with electronic transformers and short circuit proof for GU10 lamps), part of the trailing Edge Dimmer Modules. The RDT500C in-line RF dimmer for Tungsten, Low Voltage Halogen and other trailing edge dimmable loads. Designed to fit in a ceiling void or cupboard, the Rako Wireless RDT500C dimmer can control up to 500 watts of mains dimmable lighting loads. The unit can also be used for exterior lighting control applications, with the use of a weatherproof IP rated enclosure. The Rako Wireless RDT500 dimmer is recommended for use with GU10 lamps due to its better protection against the harsh short-circuits these lamps can give when they fail. Being trailing edge the Rako Wireless Lighting RDT500 offers quiet dimming with most electronic transformers and can dim those only suitable for use with trailing edge dimmers.

The robust microprocessor design of the Rako RDT500-C Trailing Edge Ceiling Dimmer combines smooth reliable dimming with dynamic safety features such as auto-resetting over current, temperature shutdown and voltage surge protection. Programmed using either an RCP07 RF wallplate or the RASOFT PC software suite, the unit stores the house, room and channel address plus four preset scene levels in non volatile memory. The Rako Wireless Lighting RDT500C dimmer can be controlled from any Rako transmitter such as RCP wallplates, RAH hand helds, MB1 timeclocks and forms the foundation of any Rako scene-set system.

The Rako RDT500-C RF Trailing Edge Dimmer – Technical Data

  • A compact 500w RF dimmer designed to fit through the aperture of a standard low voltage down light fitting;
  • The dimmer is connected in-line before the first light fitting, to enable dimming of up to 500w of trailing edge dimmable loads;
  • Controlled from any Rako RAKOM RF device, for example the RCP07W push button RF wall plate;
  • Minimum load: 1w; maximum load: 500w/450va;
  • Note: the Rako RDT500-C is NOT suitable for inductive or wire wound loads;
  • Terminal sizes: 1.5mm2 – Stranded, 2.5mm2 – Solid;
  • Standards: Emissions – EN61000-6-3 : 2001, Immunity – EN61000-6-1 : 2001;
  • Communication: Rakom coded fm radio, 433.9MHz;
  • Memory: Flash memory (non volatile);
  • Dimensions: 160 x 50 x 36mm; Input supply: 230V AC +/-10% 50Hz
  • Weight: 125g; Housing: UL V0 material;
  • Climate range: Temperature +2C to +40C;
  • Dimming type: Mains dimmed using trailing edge dimmer;
  • Humidity: +5% to 95% non condensing;
  • Connections: 3 way screw terminals for mains power;
  • Protection: Auto resetting over current protection, Auto thermal shutdown, Voltage surge protection;
  • Load types: Incandescent mains voltage lamps, Tungsten halogen GU10 lamps, Trailing edge dimmable LV transformers;
  • Technical details, wiring diagrams, and other specs for the Rako Wireless RDT500-C trailing edge dimmer(pdf file);
  • Buy online the Rako Wireless Lighting RDT500-C RF Trailing Edge Dimmer.

Rako Wireless Lighting RDT500-C Trailing Edge DimmerWiring Diagram

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