Rako RLED50-1DCV Constant Voltage Dimming Driver, single channel 50W Dimming LED Driver

Rako RLED50-1DCV Constant Voltage Dimming Driver, single channel 50W Dimming LED DriverWe have been recently introducing the Rako Wireless Dimming Systems and the Rako Control devices – an innovative range of dimming and controlling the lights in the house. This particular device is the Rako Wireless 50w constant voltage dimming LED driver – the RAKO RLED50-1DCV Single Channel 50W LED Driver. The Rako RLED501D is a wireless 50W constant voltage dimming LED driver – requiring only a 12V or 24V DC power supply.

The Rako RLED50-1DCV Constant Voltage single channel 50W Dimming LED Driver – Features

  • The unit requires a 12 or 24v DC power supply, normally supplied with LEDs;
  • The Rako RLED50-1DCV Module provides a constant voltage dimmable output suitable for use with LED’s;
  • Depending on application, the input supply is from a separate 12v or 24v DC Power Supply;
  • The brightness is controlled by Rako scene-sender panels transmitting Rakom encoded radio signals;
  • Rako Wireless Lighting RLED50-1DCV – a Single Channel 50w LED Driver for Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Lamps;
  • 4 user programmable light scene levels;
  • Light fittings using constant voltage LEDs generally use a standard DC power supply. These power supplies have a fixed output and Rako’s DC dimmer (RLED50-1DCV) fits between the power supply and the LEDs;
  • LEDs can be wired in series to a maximum of 50 Watts;
  • Use as part of a Mood Lighting scene setting configuration;
  • Smooth cross fading between scenes plus soft start;
  • Multi-way dimming and switching from many locations;
  • Save electricity when dimming – (dimming at example 50% uses about ~52% electricity);
  • LED lamp give high performace light output and low power consumption;
  • Standby Mode Uses > 1Watt – (very efficient and very eco-friendly system);
  • Lamp Types: Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Lamps;
  • Note: Do not mix types on a circuit;
  • Voltage: 12 – 48Vdc;
  • Wiring diagrams and wiring instructions for the Rako RLED50-1DCV;
  • Dimming Capacity: 50 Watts;
  • Light Circuits: 1 lighting circuit;
  • Size (H, W, D) mm: 160 x 36 x 50;
  • Communication: RAKOM Coded FM Radio – 433.9MHz;
  • Channels: Up to 60 per room using RASOFT PC Software for configuration;
  • Channels: Up to 15 per room using RCP07 for configuration;
  • Standby mode uses approx. 1W: a very energy efficient and eco-friendly system;
  • Full technical specs and installation instructions for the Rako RLED501D LED driver dimmer(pdf file);
  • Buy online the Rako RLED50-1DCV single channel 50W Dimming LED Driver.

Wiring Diagrams for the Rako Wireless RLED50-1DCV

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