Rako RLED18-1ACI Single Channel 18w LED Driver for Constant Current LED Lamps(Rako Wireless Controls)

This Rako Wireless Controls device is the Rako Wireless Lighting RLED18-1ACI, a single channel 18w LED driver, ideal for the constant current dimmable LED lamps. Part of the Rako Wireless Dimming System, the RLED181ACI provides constant current dimmable output suitable for use with 350mA, 600mA and 700mA LED modules.

The Rako RLED18-1ACI Single Channel 18w LED Driver – Features

  • This driver can be set to different current settings to suit the LEDs being controlled;
  • Options – 350mA, 500mA, 600mA and 700mA; Dimming Capacity: 18 Watts;
  • Smooth cross fading between scenes plus soft start
  • Up to 10 LEDs can be wired in series to a maximum of 18W;
  • 4 user programmable light scene levels;
  • Multi-way dimming and switching from many locations;
  • Use as part of a Mood Lighting scene setting configuration(scene lighting);
  • Energy saving device: save electricity and money when dimming your lights;
  • While in standby: the Rako RLED18-1ACI uses 1W(super energy-saving, eco friendly);
  • Note: it is not recommended to mix lamp types on a circuit;
  • Voltage: 220-230VAC (live and neutral); Light Circuits: 1;
  • Size (H, W, D) mm: 160 x 36 x 50;
  • Communication: RAKOM Coded FM Radio – 433.9MHz;
  • Address: 256 house and 256 room addresses;
  • Housing: UL V0 material;
  • More about the Rako Dimming Systems, Wireless dimming;
  • Climate Range: Temperature +2C to +40C
  • Channels: Up to 60 per room using RASOFT PC Software for configuration;
  • Channels: Up to 15 per room using RCP07 for configuration;
  • Manufacturer Code: Rako Wireless Lighting RLED18-1ACI;
  • Installation instructions and wiring diagrams for the Rako RLED18-1ACI;
  • Wiring diagrams – article introducing the Rako RLED18-1ACI;
  • Buy online the Rako RLED18-1ACI single channel 18W LED driver.

The Rako RLED181A single channel 18W LED driver – Wiring Diagram

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