Prepare for Unpredictable Weather in 2013 with a Dimplex CXL Combination Heater

Prepare for Unpredictable Weather in 2013 with a Dimplex CXL Combination Heater - Dimplex CXL Combination heaters (CXL12N, CXL18N, CXL24N) available at Sparks DirectAs we move out from winter and the warm excess of the New Year period, we should be wary of the spring. Judging from a quick glance outside, it ought to be warm. It might even be sunny. But, no. Spring is a notoriously fickle season, as prone to sudden dips in temperature as the winter or the British summer.

And what is there to do when this happens? How can we even hope to prepare, freezing there in our socks of a Thursday morning? 2012 was the wettest year on record; what fresh surprises will 2013 bring?

Storing Heat Just in CaseĀ 

We discussed the proper use of storage heaters just a few months ago, in October. The same basic principle applies: it’s a good idea to store up the heat using cheap off-peak electricity during the slightly-warmer seasons for a little extra comfort at night.

Using the manual controls, it’s especially simple to decide how much heat to charge using a storage heater and later release. But this won’t help when a sudden freeze sets in.

The Dimplex CXL Series

Dimplex CXL 12N - make sure you are warm at home!

Dimplex’s combination heaters, the CXL series, combine a storage heating unit with a “top-up” convection heater that can be activated in case of cold weather, when the ceramic storage blocks are turned off.

The CXL12, for example, is a 1.7kW storage heater and a 900W convector heater in a single, slimline casing – less than 8 inches (200mm) in depth and drip-proof with a rating of IPX4. So it’s suitable for the bathroom – which is where it’s often needed most.

Its storage heater elements and components are based on the bestselling XL range, which remains a main player some years after its introduction. The convector heater is thermostatically controlled, and user-adjustable to maintain a comfortable room temperature when it’s needed.

Even if you’re totally comfortable reading this right now, it’s certainly worth investing in a Dimplex CXL combination heater for the year ahead, whatever weather it might bring.

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