Powerlite Sirius 1, the 12V track system taking low voltage spotlights

Microlux Minispot Spotlight, low voltage Microlux Track Mini Spot in WhiteThe PowerLite Sirius 1 track system is a low voltage track lighting for interior use. We have introduced this track from Powerlite Lighting via, Low voltage tracks, Powerlite Sirius 1 12V flexible track system(track lights). Via that article you can find more information about the main features, the components(transformers, adaptors, flexible connectors, adjustable bend, suspension kits, bracket cowls, etc).

The Powerlite Sirius 1 12V track is an extremely neat and discrete low voltage track system which has available a full range of spotlights, finishes and accessories. The applications of this low voltage track are as flexible as the system itself; they from bedrooms and kitchens to window and display lighting in stores, buildings societies and salons.

The track is made of extruded aluminium, powder coated or polished and plated, and each track is supplied with 2 end caps and quick fix fixing bushes. For a further convenience, the track can be cut on site! As for the rating, the Powerlite Sirius 1 Track System is rated 25 amps, 300 watts max.

Powerlite Sirius 1 Low Voltage Track – Spots

You can see the whole range of PowerLite Sirius 1 Track System – together with the matching spotlights and accessories – at the Low Voltage Track Systems section, popular track lighting solutions.

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