New Rate of Rise Heat Detector, the 2020R Conventional thermal detector ZF05

New Rate of Rise Heat Detector, the 2020R Conventional thermal detector ZF05We have recently introduced on the website a new Conventional Fire Alarm devicethe ZF05 Rate of Rise Heat Detector,  more commonly known as the 2020R Thermal Detector. The 2020R rate of rise thermal detector is a conventional thermal detector / heat detector part of the Vision range.

Vision is a range of conventional detectors, which have been produced using the latest in manufacturing technology and supplied with an array of installer-friendly advanced features, making them ideal for small, straightforward fire detection systems.

The ZF05 heat detector uses a state of the art thermal element combined with an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to provide quick and accurate detection of fires. The detector incorporates both rate of rise and static elements and is suitable for all areas where the ambient conditions do not normally exhibit rapid changes in temperature.

A laser-based hand held Remote Test Unit can be used in conjunction with the range of Vision detectors for alarm test purposes. The unit transmits a coded message, preventing spurious alarms being generated by other laser-based devices. With a range of several metres, the hand held test unit provides an effortless way of remotely alarm testing the range of Vision detectors and removes the need for any direct physical access to the detector by the user.

The ZF05 Rate of Rise Heat Detector – Main Features

  • Low profile design and low current draw;
  • Remote alarm test feature; Remote LED Option;
  • Easy Maintenance; Material: ABS;
  • Range of detector bases available;
  • Part of the Conventional Fire Alarms Systems;
  • Approved to EN54 – 5:2000 (Amendment 1) Class A1R;
  • Operating Voltage: 14 – 28Vdc (Nominal 24Vdc);
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius;
  • Humidity: 5 to 95% Relative humidity (non-condensing);
  • Height: 32.5mm (plus 9.5mm for a standard base); Diameter: 102mm;
  • Weight: 75g (plus 45g for standard base);
  • More specs, installation instructions, and 2020R technical features(pdf file);
  • Extended warranty;
  • Buy online the 2020R Rate of Rise Heat Detector via the Conventional and Analogue Fire Alarm Systems.

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