New Infrared Patio Heater, a 1300W Wall Mounted Patio Heater with Quartz Ruby Halogen lamp

Very popular for outdoor heating at the pub, at the club, or in public spaces where people stay for a short while(while they smoke a cigarette or chat, etc), the Patio Heaters can also be used as a heating solution for domestic use. If you want to spend some time out in the garden reading a book or “just chilling”, especially with the weather in the UK you will need a source of heating to be ready when it gets too cold. The Patio Heaters can be used as a short-term effective heating solution for outdoors. The PATHEATE Patio Heater with the new specs on our website offers you a wall mounted patio heater – a 1300W wall patio heater using a quartz ruby halogen lamp. Including a shatter resistant ceramic glass, this PH1300W 1300W Quartz Wall Mounted Patio Heater will definitely help you heat up your body and the ones around you when you use it for a pub, a club, or even in the garden.

The PATHEATE 1300W Patio Heater – Features

  • Shatter resistant ceramic glass;
  • 1.3kW quartz ruby halogen lamp;
  • Pre-wired with 2.5m H05RN-F cable and 13A BS plug;
  • Adjustable mouting bracket;
  • Highly polished reflector;
  • What is a Patio Heater and what is a Patio Heater used for?
  • Requires 1 x 1300W R7S Ruby Infra-red Halogen (included);
  • Replacement lamp available – IR1300R;
  • Ideal for: patio heater for gardens, pubs, clubs, smoking areas, etc.
  • Dimensions: 340mm width, 170mm projection, 220mm lamp height;
  • Can be used with Time Lag Switches: time the function of the patio heater, save energy and control the heating;
  • Also known as: PH1300W 1300W Quartz Wall Mounted Patio Heater;
  • Can also be used as a patio heater for a warehouse, large areas;
  • Buy online the Stylish PATHEATE 1300W Patio Heater with Quartz Ruby Halogen lamp.

Complimentary to the function of heating outdoors with the infrared patio heater, you can use a time lag switch for setting a time period when the Patio Heater should be functioning. Use the CP Electronics Time Lag Switches in conjunction with the PATHEATE Patio Heater to obtain a fully customizable Infrared Patio Heater!

More Patio Heaters can be found via the Contract Heating SolutionsHeating systems at SparksDirect. The PATHEATE 1300W Patio Heater is now in stock available for delivery.

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