New from Heritage Brass: the Primed White Screwless range of switches and sockets

New: the Heritage Brass Primed White Screwless range of switches and socketsHeritage Brass has recently added to their catalog a few ranges of switches and sockets – like the Primed White Paintable range, the Paintable Screwless range, and other ranges. The difference between the screwed and the screwless range of paintable switches and sockets is the presence/absence of visible screws on the surface of the devices.

The Screwless range of Paintable / Primed White wiring devices from Heritage Brass has no apparent screws(these are underneath the plate, but not visible on the plate). The screwed range has the screws visible on the plate.

We have recently also added on our website the Primed White Screwless range of wiring devices – for now, there are no pictures except the few ones that the manufacturer provides, but we are working on either taking pictures, obtaining pictures, etc. This range, the screwless primed white devices, are a very stylish and modern range that NEEDS pictures – it is the pictures that sells them!

The Heritage Brass Screwless Primed White wiring devices

These are the most popular primed white screwless devices from Heritage Brass – when clicking on any of them, you will need to select the specific model that you need.

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