New from Danfoss: the DEVIreg Touch screen intelligent thermostat

New from Danfoss: the DEVIreg Touch screen intelligent thermostatEverything nowadays is becoming digital and touch screen – not only the mobile phones but also all the electrical devices and appliances for home. With varied and ever changing lifestyles, the heating requirements can change not only based on season but weekly, daily, and even hourly.

The people at Danfoss have recently come out with DEVIreg Touch thermostat, specially designed to allow the end-user the ultimate programming flexibility! Soon at SparksDirect via the, Underfloor Heating Systems, and, Thermostats.

This is a different kind of thermostat – it has been developed based on the insight that end-users wish to correctly programme or alter their underfloor heating settings first time and every time. The DEVIreg Touch is an intelligent touch screen thermostat – robust, user friendly, offering you a perfect balance between comfort and energy usage.

How does DEVIreg Touch thermostat work?

To see how the new DEVIreg thermostat – the Touch screen intelligent one – works, you can visit the following link. There you can set up the thermostat, you can adjust settings, re-set, adjust the temperature, the time and date, set some scenes, and find all other kinds of settings.

Explore the key features, enjoy its intuitive nature and envision the endless possibilities of integrating the controller in any type of room thanks to its flexibility and beautiful design.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy and flexible time programming, also online;
  • The detection of the open window automatically switches off the floor heating;
  • Very latest 3rd generation intelligent timer taking your savings to another level;
  • Consumption read out helps raise awareness to optimise settings;
  • These are the features all the DEVIreg and DEVImat underfloor heating mats have asked for:
    # Easy to use and operate
    # Elegant design
    # Energy efficiency
    # Confidence in quality
    # Touch Screen and user friendly
    # Intuitive programming interface

The DEVIreg Touch models available are: the frameless version (140F1065) and the version with the design frame (140F1064). Soon at SparksDirect!

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