new features: category catalogue and product reviews

Although we didn’t write too much on our blog these past few days, we have been nonetheless very busy indeed. Among other things/features we have enabled on our website are:

  • The catalogue function
    Each section(Lights, dimming systems, fire and security, switches and sockets, electrical items, heating and ventilation) together with the major subcategories have a link toward the PDF file of the printable catalogue of that specific category. So, if you would like to “save it locally” or use it to print it, please “help yourself”. Example: you can download the Ceiling lights catalogue, or the Bathroom lights catalogue – dec. 2008 version.
    – we reserve the right to modify the prices and details of the products at any time, without necessarily or automatically updating the PDF catalogue;
    – the catalogue is updated either monthly or as needed, so please check the date it is updated on, in order to have the latest one;
    – to have the latest catalogue, you can always contact/email us! 🙂
  • The reviews function
    If you have any comments about any products of the website(hopefully it is a positive observation or comment), we welcome you to write a “review” – leave us your opinion – so that other visitors and customers may see it also! 🙂
    – It is possible to write a small review if you already have an account with us.
    – We encourage positive reviews and encouraging others to choose quality.
    – If the ceiling light, bathroom light, or fire alarm you have purchased from, and you want others to know some nice things about it, then leave us a comment.
    – Because many of our customers are still “offline” – visiting us and buying electrical products in-store, Mr Sparks will leave some comments on their behalf and on the behalf of the people at the counter – some recommendations and advices.

We are doing our best to improve the quality of both our website and our services, so we welcome any suggestions or comments from the visitors / customers.

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