New brilliant Illuma Spotlights Applications: Concepta, Electrospot, Electrostar, Floodline, and Illuma Highspot

Yes, there are always new applications of these spotlights and track lights from Illuma. Especially with the release of their new catalogue, here are some more applications / places where you can install the Illuma Track Systems and Spotlights. For more information about these spotlights, click on the provided links, or visit their dedicated website –, Illuma Track Systems.

Illuma Concepta Spotlight Application in a Conference Room

New Illuma Concepta Applications Picture – track spotlight in conference rooms

Illuma Concepta Spotlight Application in a retail store, display lighting

New Illuma Concepta Applications Picture – track spotlight in retail stores used for display lighting

Illuma Electrospot Spotlight Application in a Restaurant and a Conference Venue

New Illuma Electrospot Applications Picture – track spotlight in restaurants and conference venues

Illuma Electrostar Application in an Exhibition and a Museum

New Illuma Electrostar Applications Picture – track spotlight in exhibitions and museums

Illuma Floodline Spotlight Application in an Apple Store and Electronics / Computer Store

New Illuma Floodline Applications Picture – in Apple stores, electronics stores, computer stores

Illuma Highspot Spotlight Application in a Lego Store, High Illumination track Spotlights in a toy store

New Illuma Highspot Applications Picture – in toy stores, large exhibitions, LEGO stores

Brilliant sharp pictures, isn’t it? Whether small places(small exhibitions or precious materials / objects displays) or large stores / exhibitions / retails, the Illuma Spotlights can meet the need.  There are some more articles introducing the Illuma Spotlights Applications – see the Articles about Lights section. And there are more to come…

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