New and old: CCTV 4 camera system and Osaka Bathroom downlight

New: Four Channel Day/Night CCTV system with integral digital recording, the DigiView 4 system from ESP. Full description, together with some very nice pictures of how it looks like, you can find by visiting our article about the CCTV – four channel day and night CCTV system – integral digital recording. Some of the features of this new complete system for surveillance are:

  • 4 Cameras with LED illumination for day and night surveillance;
  • The recording – digital, full screen;
  • The motion detection is built in on-screen;
  • Depending on the selected quality, the Digi-View can record continually for up to 16 weeks;
  • The DigiView 4 is compatible with a CCTV monitor or a standard TV;
  • The cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;
  • The captured images can be transferred – USB output included;
  • The screen view can be: single or quad view;
  • Read more about the CCTV system features, the Camera specifications, the DVR specifications, and the DVR record times – everything you need to know about this 4 channel day/night system(CCTV surveillance)

This high quality CCTV system can be purchased online, with the next-day delivery option, at the CCTV section on our website.

Old: The best-seller Osaka Bathroom Ceiling light, one of the most popular downlighters for bathrooms. Both online and offline(in our Sparks and Lights shop in Archway, London), our clients are satisfied with the high quality and yet not so expensive Osaka bathroom light. Would you like to know more about this popular ceiling light? Read our complete article about the Osaka Ceiling Light Fixture, where we introduce the general features, the dimensions and the photometric values of the Osaka bathroom light. Some general features are:

  • IP44, recommended to be used in zones 2 and 3;
  • Lamp used: 1×28w 4 Pin 2D;
  • Downlighter for indoors, can be used in bathrooms;
  • The light is very bright, white;
  • Has a plastic diffuser and chromed edge.

The Osaka bathroom ceiling light can be viewed online in our store(at the Flush Ceiling lights, bathroom ceiling lights sections), where from you can also purchase it. Our Sparks and Lights showroom is open 5 days a week, and so if you’re in the area, “pop in”! 🙂

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