New: Airflow QuietAir QT120 Ventilation Fan, Low Energy 5 inch Fan for kitchen, toilet, en-suite, etc

New: Airflow QuietAir QT120 Axial Fan, Low Energy 5 inch Extractor Fan for toilet and bathroomThe Airflow QuietAir is definitely the quietest and most energy saving extractor fans for bathrooms – and now Airflow came out with the 5 inch version of this popular extractor fan. The powerful performance Airflow QuietAir QT120 range of extractor fan is designed to provide extraction levels that exceed the requirements of the latest building regulations Approved Document F.  The Airflow QuietAir QT120 is a range of elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet with Eco start versions that activate only when they are really needed.

By using exceptionally low energy, the QuietAir QT120 range helps you to reduce carbon emissions but also save on your electricity bill.  This range of fans is operated by a remote switch (light switch, door switch etc). Of course, there are other options available including the timer, the humidity and motion sensor with timer(see the models available in the list below).

The Airflow QuietAir QT120 range – Main Features

  • The Airflow QuietAir QT120 is a range of fans combining contemporary design with ultra low noise levels and outstanding energy efficiency;
  • It has a high efficiency impeller for ducted installation up to 12m long with up to 10x 90º bends;
  • It has an integral flow straightener and back draught flap;
  • The two speed fan is selectable on installation;
  • The second speed may be used independently;
  • This Airflow QuietAir fan has a wipe clean clip on cover for ease of cleaning;
  • The fan complies with the latest Building Regulations Approved Document F;
  • Note: This range is composed of stylish and efficient fan so quiet that you can hear a pin drop!
  • Ideal Application: This range of QuietAir QT120 fans is ideal for use in toilets, en-suites, bathrooms, small rooms, utility rooms and kitchens (adjacent to hob)

The Airflow QuietAir QT120 five inch quiet extractor fans – Technical Specs

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