Nemo Sorella Table Lamp, Nemo SOREWW11 Vintage White designer desk light(a movie star!)

Nemo Sorella Table Lamp, Nemo SOREWW11 Vintage White designer desk light(a movie star!)You have probably watched the Space:1999 TV show – the Nemo Sorella Table Light is a rare white table lamp, one of Harvey Guzzini’s most sought-after pieces. This sculptural 1972 design features a leaning biomorphic silhouette with linear vents, and a large sculptural hood-shaped shade. The Nemo Sorella SORE WW 11 in white featured prominently on set of the 1970s television series Space:1999. A very rare and desirable piece of Italian Pop Modernism. And now, this stylish table light from Nemo is back – bringing a touch of vintage to the modern era!

In the late 1950s, the sons of Mariano Guzzini: Raimondo, Giovanni, Virgilio, Giuseppe and Giannunzio founded Harvey Creazioni for the production of artistic objects in enameled copper. The name is a reference to Harvey, the invisible giant rabbit from the film of the same name starring Jimmy Stewart. Soon after the foundation of the company, the production of copper objects was supplemented by fantastically designed plastic lighting (description via, Object <> Plastic – Sorella Table Lamp by Harvey Guzzini)

The Nemo Sorella Table Lamp – a Movie Star Vintage Table Light

  • Bedside table lamp or desk light in a stylish design: vintage lamp;
  • Manufactured in ABS and characterized by a compact form and a directional light emission;
  • Also used as a stylish table light, desk light, or study light;
  • The inclination of 15° for its head makes the light emission easier on the eyes;
  • This lamp is ideal for a work space, as a bedside lamp, and even for children writing desk;
  • Stylish design: contemporary design, stylish table light – vintage table lamp;
  • Designer range, designed by Harvey-Guzzini 1972;
  • Materials: Body in polycarbonate; Finish: shiny white;
  • Lamp used: 1 x 18W, E27, TC-T compact fluorescent;
  • Manufacturer: Nemo Lighting, model: Nemo SOR EWW 11;
  • Part of the Sorella range of stylish table lamps from Nemo(Italian lights manufacturer);
  • Dimensions: max. 30cm height, max. 25cm head width, max. 9cm base diameter;
  • Designed by Harvey Guzzini, and famously appeared in the TV series Space 1999!
  • Vintage table light with a contemporary style;
  • Buy online the Nemo Sorella table lamp designed by Harvey Guzzini for Nemo.

Nemo Sorella Vintage Table Lamp – a Movie Star!

Nemo Sorella Table Lamp, Nemo SOREWW11 Vintage White designer desk light(a movie star!)

Read more about the Nemo Sorella Table Lamp – inspirational

  • The Sorella range of designer lights from Nemo: initially destined for children writing desk, now a movie star as it was present on the movie set for Space:1999(see pictures and stills taken from the TV show);
  • The Sorella Table Lamp by Harvey Guzzini, Studio Technica Harvey, Italy 1972 – the history of this vintage lamp, short clips where it appears in the Space:1999, James Bond: Moonraker(1979), etc.
  • IGuzzini – Fifty years of experience in working with light, the designer and manufacturer of the first Sorella lamps;
  • Sorella by Nemo – a stylish table lamp, designed by Harvey Guzzini, sculptural design.

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