Nemo Cassina lights – picture gallery of some designer Italian lights from Nemo

In our showroom in Archway you can not only purchase stuff (like switches and sockets, lights, fire alarms, dimmers, electrical accessories, etc) but you can also pick up a leaflet to enjoy reading! One of the most stylish leaflets you can find here are the ones from Nemo Cassina. Recently one such leaflet is in an A3 format with large pictures and large print – very stylish!

Nemo Cassina lights - picture gallery of some designer Italian lights from Nemo

This Nemo Cassina(the lighting division) leaflet introduces some light fittings like the 8 1/2 Ommagio a Constantin Brancusi, AM2Z, Carmencita, Sven Light, La Lune Sous Le Chapeau, Escargot, Sorella, Uma, Silver Light, Gio, Wet Bell, Starway, Flight Linear, Flaca, Circe, and Loop. Even though most of these we don’t keep in our online catalogue of Nemo Designer Lights nor do we keep in stock, they are so amazing that we HAD to put them here on our blog for your viewing delight 🙂 Don’t forget to visit us in Archway, North London, to pick up a leaflet – a brochure with the Nemo Cassina Designer Lights.

Nemo Cassina is a almost a benchmark name with the designer lighting producers, going back to the routes that inspired the golden age of Italian design. They offer both a contemporary collection and some 60’s and 70’s design icons, together with some classic Italiana Luce masterpieces. The lighting collection tells a story – making the dreams become a reality in the contemporary or traditional design of the light fittings. Take a look at the Nemo Designer Lights on our website found at the Table Lamps, Wall Lights, or Ceiling Lights, or read more about the Nemo Cassina Lamps via,

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