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This article can be considered as a continuation of the previous one about the LEDs, Illuma on IllumaLED, LEDs – features, benefits, LED applications. The lamps that have been used since the invention of the incandescent light bulb some 130 years ago are finally becoming obsolete with the rapid development of the LED, Compact Fluorescent and HID light sources. Read more below about some of the advantages of using the LED lighting solutions, what an LED is, and some of the more asked questions about the LED’s(the LED ranges, where can the LEDs be used, will the LEDs save me money?). Buy online LED light fittings and LED lamps via SparksDirect.

What are the advantages of using LED lighting?

LED’s can have exceptionally long lifetimes, with up to 50.000 hours of useful life(although time to complete failure may be much longer). This drastically reduces maintenance costs especially compared to halogen luminaires. Fluorescent tubes are typically rated at about 10.000 to 15.000 hours and halogen lamps at 1.000 to 2.000 hours. LEDs are far more efficient and produce more lumens per Watt than halogen lamps.

Due to the complete lack of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and infrared (IR) radiation, the LEDs are ideal for display lighting as it does not radiate heat in the direction of the illuminated object, it can therefore be used to illuminate materials that fade easily, like food, works of art, etc.

As LEDs are solid state components, they are resistant to damage by impact shock or vibration, unlike fluorescent and incandescent lamps, which are fragile. LEDs are ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on/off switching, whereas fluorescent lamps which can burn out quickly when switched frequently and HID lamps require several minutes before re-starting. LED’s light up very quickly, typically in milliseconds. Dimmable and RGB colour changing versions are also available for flexibility and control in any lighting application.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

A Diode is a component that allow and electric current to flow in one direction, but blocks it in the opposite direction. An LED is a diode which emits light when an electric current passes through it.

Is there a wide range of lamps and luminaires to choose from?
Designed to complement the current range of Compact Fluorescent Low energy products, the LED alternatives are available in a wide range of luminaires, modules, lamps and decorative lighting.

In what applications can the LED lighting solutions be used?
The LED range of products on our site is extensive, for use in all applications where traditional light sources such as halogen may be used and some where halogen may not!

  • Display lighting where halogen may fade sensitive materials.
  • Underwear lighting where a low voltage supply for safety is required.
  • Outdoor lighting where coloured effects are desired to enhance outside spaces.
  • Sign lighting, LED strips can be used to light signage in many different colours.
  • Low level lighting where halogen light sources may pose a danger to touch due to high temperatures.
  • Architectural lighting where LEDs can be used in applications which traditionally used expensive and inflexible neon or cold cathode light sources.

Will LED technology save you money?
With today’s spiraling energy costs, the end user will appreciate lighting cost savings of up to 70% per annum with the energy saving LED products(compared with the halogen lighting). The added benefit of reducing CO2 coupled with a complete absence of Mercury in LEDs, unlike the fluorescent lamps, makes the LED technology environmentally friendly.

This article has its source in the official specs/indications given by Aurora in their manual for LED Lighting solutions and Low energy LED lighting. To find out more about the LED lighting solutions found on our website, visit the LED & Fiber Optic section under Lights – you will find there a lot of LED outdoor lights, indoor LED lights, LED light strips, stair LED lights, flexi spot LED lights for wall, garden LED lights, walkover LED lights, color changing LED lights, etc. As for LED lamps – the energy saving lamp used in the LED light fitting – check out the LED lamps section.

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