More about the Illuma Concepta mains voltage track mounted diecast spotlights

The Illuma Concepta spotlights have been introduced before as “Robust Diecast tracklights from Illuma, the Concepta range“, and with applications in shops and display lighting, or even in a church, yet there is still so much more to be said about the Illuma Concepta Spotlights. Illuma has recently added to their offer the angled beam Concepta spotlights for 1-circuit track mounting, mains voltage – available in 27 degrees or 50 degrees beam inclination. Also, these spotlights come in two wattages – 35W or 70W.

The Illuma Concepta 1-circuit Track mounted spotlights – Features

  • The Body swivels through 355º;
  • The Head tilts through 90º;
  • The Metal Halide version is supplied complete with lamp;
  • The Illuma Concepta spots are supplied with safety glass;
  • The Front ring easily removes for lamp changing;
  • There is a full range of attachments available;
  • The Illuma Concepta AR111 version is dimmable;
  • Two beams available: 27 degrees beam(spotlight) and 50 degrees(floodlight);
  • 1-circuit track adaptor integral;
  • Lamp used: CDM-TC Metal Halide, Integral Electronic Control Gear c/w Lamp
  • Lamp cap: G8.5; Wattages: 20W, 35W, and 70W;
  • Materials used: body and trim in diecast aluminium;
  • Weight: 0.84kg;
  • Finishes available: Black(BL), White(WH), and Satin Grey(SG);
  • Note: the Illuma Concepta spots are not suitable for vertical mounting.
  • Note: the Concepta comes also in the Low Voltage version – the Illuma Concepta TH3111 range:
    – with 1-circuit track adaptor;
    – Integral Electronic Control Gear no Lamp;
    – lamp used: AR111 12V; lamp cap: G53;
    – wattages: 50W min, 100W max;
    – weight: 0.71kg;
    – lamp beam inclinations: 4 deg, 8 deg, 24 deg, or 45deg;
    – finishes available: Black(BL), White(WH), and Satin Grey(SG);

The Illuma Concepta Spotlights – Track Spots – Models

The Illuma Concepta Mains Voltage Track Mounted Spotlights – Application

To purchase the Illuma Concepta Spotlights, choose from the following:

Note: when ordering, you will need to specify the lamp beam inclination / angle: 27 degrees(spotlight) or 50 degrees(floodlight).


  1. Our company love Illuma lighting , we have used them in both commercial and domestic properties for more than 10 years , many systems are still being used today . The standard of the product is one of the best on the market and is cheap in comparison to its close competitors . Great product and thanks for posting this

    1. Illuma have been in the lighting market for a while now, and you’re right: their products are very competitive! They can be used for decades with very little maintenance and yet a high quality light output! Recently they put out these new ranges of Illuma Concepta / Torp / Wing with a more stylish design, to fit all the needs!

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