Lutron visual guide to the Lutron Grafik Eye 3000: operate and monitor the dimming system

Lutron has recently made available online a video guideGRAFIK Eye® 3000 Training SegmentsHow to Operate & Maintain Your GRAFIK Eye 3000. The Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 via SparksDirect – You can find online a visual presentation of a GRX programming guide, structured as:

Also, there is a pdf guide available about

Grafik 3000 Series: Installer’s Guide, Models 3100 and 3500

  1. STEP 1: Installing Control Units
    – Shows how to install Control Units and make sure they are properly operating all connected loads;
    a) Installation instructions. First, turn power off. Mount Wallbox. Pull Wires. Remove Cover;
    b) Line Voltage/Mains Wiring instructions: Wire the Control Unit;
    c) Class 2/PELV Wiring: Connect Class 2/PELV wiring only if your project has Wallstations and/or more than one Control Unit;
    d) Mounting;
    e) Testing: Do the lights work?
  2. STEP 2: Setting Up GRAFIK Eye Control Units
    – How to Enter and Exit Setup Mode;
    – Identifying the Load Type for each Zone;
    – What is a Scene?
    – How to Set up Lighting Scenes;
    – How to Adjust Light Levels Temporarily;
    – How to Set Low-end Trim—OPTIONAL;
    – Advanced Scene Programming Options—OPTIONAL;
    – How to Set an “unaffected zone” — OPTIONAL;
    – How to Set Save Options — OPTIONAL;
  3. STEP 3: Installing Wallstations/Controls
  4. STEP 4: Setting Up System Communications
    – Assign Addresses to GRAFIK Eye Control Units;
    – Set up Communication between 2 or more Control Units.

To request this guide, please contact us. To find out what the range of Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 includes, consult the dedicated page on our website.

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