Low Voltage Toroidal transformers for interior applications(300VA, 400VA, and 500VA)

Ideal for low voltage lighting, ceiling downlights, low voltage track systems, wire suspension systems, the Low Voltage Toroidal Transformers are very practical in the domestic, commercial, and industrial realm. Depending on what is the total wattage of the light fittings that need a transformer, the Toroidal Transformers come in the 300VA(max. 300W in total), 400VA(max. 400W in total), and 500VA(max. 500W in total) versions. Our customers praise these devices for their robustness, their usefulness, and their maintenance-free property(since they contain self-resetting miniature circuit breakers). One more plus – these low voltage toroidal transformers are fully dimmable using transformer rated or inductive dimmers.

Toroidal Low Voltage Transformers – Features

  • Fully Dimmable: using transformer rated or inductive dimmers;
  • Over temperature, over current and surge protection;
  • 1 x 300W / 400W / 500W Unfused – Stud Terminals;
  • Low Voltage lighting transformer;
  • Input: 220 / 240VAC 50Hz;
  • Output: 1 x 12V, Max total load: 300VA / 400VA / 500VA;
  • Protection by surge suppressor and self-reset thermal trip tw130c;
  • Maintenance free range contains self-resetting miniature circuit breakers
  • Large range of single and multiple output permutations from 100W to 500W
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 degs C to +40 degs C;
  • Made in England; Class 1 electrical rated;
  • Dimensions: different dimensions, depending on the model;
  • IP rating: IP20 rated(interior toroidal transformer);
  • F marked: can be mounted on normally flammable surfaces;
  • Available Toroidal Low Voltage Transformers:
    # The 12V300/1 12V 300VA Toroidal Low Voltage Transformer;
    # The 12V400VA Toroidal Low Voltage 400W Transformer;
    # The 12V500VA Low Voltage Toroidal 500W Transformer;

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