Let’s talk about Sparks Electrical on Facebook and our favourite facebook fan pages

Let's talk about Sparks Electrical on Facebook and our favourite facebook fan pagesLet’s talk about Facebook – yes, THE FACEBOOK, the social network where everyone loves spending time checking out pictures and videos, playing games, sharing links and music, etc. Everyone is on facebook these days, so having an online presence today automatically means having a fan page on facebook! And we do have one – check out the

Sparks Direct Electrical Facebook Fan Page.

Since we’re so busy with more tangible and real stuff like the online orders, the customers coming into our showroom in Archway, the updates on the website, the phone calls we get from the customers, the email requests for quotes, the problems or the joys of the business… – we don’t have too much time to LIKE facebook pages, but here are some pages we like!

  • Sparks Direct Electrical – no. 1 page we love on facebook! You can become a fan to find out news about the electrical industry, the new LED technologies out there, the lights at Sparks and Lights, articles posted on the internet, some items on sale, etc.
  • Sparks Electrical Wholesalers Ltd – have you ever been into our showroom in Holloway Road, close to Archway? Here we are, somewhere in North London – and we have a fan page / place page on facebook, where you can like us and also you can check in when you’re around!
  • Nemo – Cassina Lighting – one of our suppliers, an amazing Italian Lights manufacturer. Many of their ranges are designed by renowned people around the world, and there are thousands of fans all around the world! We recently introduced some Nemo Designer Lightspictures!
  • Cyber-Duck London – a lovely web design company in London, continually expanding and adding members to its team, who is in many ways related to the design and functioning of our website.
  • Professional Electrician & Installer – the magazine we all read, the magazing you can find in our showroom when you visit us. This monthly magazine is for all the sparkies out there, both for the electrician and for the installer.
  • Aurora Lighting – one of the best lighting manufacturer out there, with light fittings ranging from the downlights to the energy saving spotlights, light bulbs, LED lights, low voltage lighting, outdoor lights, etc. On their facebook page you find out about their latest innovations and news.
  • Xpelair Ventilation Solutions – Xpelair is one of the top air ventilation and air extractor fans manufacturers, and their facebook page has many competitions and fun stuff! Energy saving air extractor fans and air ventilation solutions for both at home and at the office – Xpelair has everything!

Other friends, tweeps, and facebook fan pages you should check out:

  • BetterTAX.org – Tax Preparation, Accountant, Financial Services;
  • My Local Electrician – website about and for electricians, online magazine for electricians, the industry and the public.

These are only SOME of the many facebook fan pages we interact with and prefer. Do YOU have a facebook fan page you want us to check it out or talk about? Let us know – especially if it is related to electrical stuff, electricians, architects, builders, air ventilation, lights, etc.

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