Lamp beams – LED lamps, R80, PAR16 / PAR20 / PAR30 halogen, 12V dichroic lamps, part1

Every lamp is designed by its manufacturer to have a certain intensity of light on a certain pre-determined surface, a lamp beam. A lux is a measure of illumination on a surface(lumens per square metre) and the values given in the diagrams show the peak intensity at the beam centre at the distances of 1, 2, 3, and 4 metres from the lamp. The beams are drawn at the angle where the intensity is 50% of the intensity at th centre. For example, the LED M/M MR4, 8W lamp at 14 degrees beam, at the distance of 1 metre gives 2179 lux and on a 0.29m diametre on the surface, etc. This does not mean that there is no light/lux besides this cone of light; the spot is focused on these measurements(as the manufacturers specify). The lux values in the diagrams below are reproduced from the lamp manufacturers’ data.

Lamp beams of the Illuma lamps on our site:

Lamp Beams – LED M/M AR9 – 8W/18W, 14 deg beam

Lamp Beams – R80 E27 – 75W / 100W, 25/80 deg beam

Lamp Beams – PAR16 halogen GU10 – 50W, 25/50 deg beam

Lamp Beams – PAR20 halogen E27 – 50W, 10/30 deg beam

Lamp Beams – PAR30 halogen E27 – 75W/100W, 10/30 deg beam

Lamp Beams – 12V Dichroic MR11 GU4 – 20W/35W, 10/38 deg beam

Lamp Beams – 12V Dichroic MR16 GX5.3 – 20/35/50W, 10 deg beam

Lamp Beams – 12V Dichroic MR16 GX5.3 – 20/35/50W, 24/38 deg beam

These lamps are especially used for the Illuma track lights, Illuma lights, which can also be found on our website, at the Lights section.

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