Kitchen Lights at Sparks – undershelf lighting and energy saving strip lights

We have spent extensive time and online space to speak about the Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, the Outdoor Lights, and the Table Lamps at Sparks and Lights, but we just realized that not much has been said about the kitchen lights. In general, almost any wall light and ceiling light can also be used for the kitchen, except the cases when you need a more specific kind of lighting.

Kitchen Lights at Sparks - undershelf lighting and energy saving strip lights

Kitchen Lights – undershelf lighting

One way to have a more concealed and discreet lighting in the kitchen is the undershelf lighting. Whether you use fluorescent fittings light the T5 Slim Under Cupboard Light (see the USLT514 Kitchen Fluorescent Fitting) or the Triangle Cupboard Downlight (the surface mounted downlight triangle) – you will obtain a more concealed lighting for when you don’t need a bright light in the kitchen.

Kitchen Lights – striplights

If you want to merely highlight some areas or certain pieces of furniture in the kitchen, you can always choose a flexible striplight. The single color striplight AUST100B from Aurora Lighting comes in 1m lengths and allows you to have a stylish energy saving lighting solution for the kitchen lighting. These low voltage fittings are also very stylish – ideal for easy and fast installation anywhere in the kitchen!

More about the Kitchen Lights

On our associated blogs we have some articles that may help you make up your mind concerning these two types of kitchen lights – the undershelf lighting and the strip lights.

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