Kitchen extractor fans, Manrose 150mm fan range(6″ extractor fans) for domestic use

The Manrose 150mm extractor fan range was specifically designed for wall, ceiling or window mounting, especially in the kitchens(with larger volumes of domestic stale air to be extracted) – the efficient and easy to install range of 150mm (6″) extractor fans! This range is available in ten options, and it is an alternative style and design to the traditional 6″ kitchen style.

These Manrose extractor fans are suited for larger bathrooms, utility rooms, shops, offices, restaurants, etc. The power supply is provided by a single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance-free life. The air extracting rate for the Manrose 150 extractor fan Series is 230m3/hr, 64 litres per second. And, by the way, by incorporating the latest technology and design in all its extractor fans, Manrose can now offer a complete family of 100mm (4″), 120mm (5″) and 150mm (6″) fans, all with the same styling. Some of the 150mm extractor fan models found on our website are the Manrose XF150, the Manrose XF150T, the Manrose WF150A, the Manrose WF150AT, etc.

All the units are manufactured using high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength, durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning. They are designed to comply with the 2006 Building Regulations on Ventilation (F1). Read more below about some details of the installation of the 150mm extractor fans, some electrical details, some of the features, and the full range – the Manrose 150mm(6″) fan models.

Details about the Installation of the Manrose 150mm fans

  • The Manrose XF150 Series – is designed for wall or ceiling mounting (pullcord wall-mounting only). A wall fixing kit is available separately – The SVK (1280).
  • The Manrose XP150B Series – These extractor fans are designed for through wall fixing. They come complete with aluminium flexible ducting and a wall grille.
  • The Manrose WF150B Series – These extractor fans are designed to be fitted in either a window or wall through a standard 184mm (71/4″) hole. A wall fixing kit – the Manrose FK1 (1300) – is available (it comprises of wall plugs, screws and a 400mm length of 6″ diameter aluminium flexible ducting – when fully extended).

Manrose 150mm Extractor Fans – Electrical Details

  • 220-240V – AC. 50Hz.
  • Single phase consuming 17 watts.
  • These fans are double insulated and do not require an earth.
  • All the wiring must comply with current IEE regulations.
  • A double pole isolating switch, having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles, must be used with a 3 amp fuse fitted.
  • The fan should not be accessible to a person using either the shower or the bath and mounted a minimum of 1.8 metres from the floor.

More features of the Manrose 150mm (6″) Range

  • Maximum pressure: 50 p.a.
  • Fan speed: 2400 r.p.m.
  • Sound volume: 40.0 dB(A)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 400C.
  • Performance Graph: XF/WF/XP150B Series230m3/hr, 64 litres per second.
  • Dimensions:
    Manrose XF150 – 203x203mm front, 150mm diameter ducting, 95mm depth;
    Manrose WF150 – 203x203mm front, front elevation, pull cord switch, depth inside the glass: 95mm, outside the glass/side elevation through the glass: 23mm
  • Dimensions and more features: see the chart below.

Manrose 150mm Kitchen Extractor Fans – Existing Models / Ranges

  • Manrose XF150 – Standard kitchen extractor fan model for remote switching;
  • Manrose XF150P – Manrose XF150 supplied with a pullcord switch;
  • Manrose XF150T – Timer model incorporating integral adjustable electronic timer (1-20 mins);
  • Manrose XF150BTP – Manrose XF150T with a pullcord override switch. Requires no switched live;
  • Manrose XF150BH – Includes a humidity control which is adjustable between 40% RH and 95% RH;
  • Manrose XP150BH – Complete kitchen extractor fan with integral adjustable timer (1-20 mins);
  • Manrose XF150BHP – Manrose XP150BH with pullcord override switch. Requires no switched live;
  • Manrose XP150BHPIR – PIR activated extractor fan model with adjustable timer with presence detection, timer runs on when the room is vacated. There is no need to connect to a separate switch;
  • Manrose XP150BPIR – Timer adjustable between 1-20 mins. Requires no switched live;
  • Manrose XF150BMH – Electro-Mechanical Humidity Control with on/off switch adjustable 20 – 90% RH;
  • Manrose XF150BMHP – Manrose XF150BMH with pullcord switch and neon light;
  • Manrose XF150BMHT – As Manrose XF150MH but with electronic timer 150mm 6″ Window Fans;
  • Manrose WF150BH – Extractor fan with pullcord switch;
  • Manrose WF150BT – Electronic timer with pullcord override switch and neon light;
  • Manrose WF150BH – Humidity control which is adjustable between 40% RH and 95% RH. Complete with integral adjustable timer (1-20 mins);
  • Manrose WF150BPIR – PIR activated model with timer and presence detection, timer runs on when the room is vacated. There is no need to connect to a separate switch. Timer adjustable between 1-20 mins. Requires no switched live.

Buy online the Manrose Kitchen Extractor Fans – the 150mm fans – via – Heating and Ventilation, Ventilation solutionsManrose Extractor Fans.


  1. We have a bathroom measuring 2.3m width by 2.3m high by 1.7 depth could you please tell us if a 100mm manrose ceiling fan has enough extraction rating for a room of this size? The fan should be wall mounted but has been fitted into the ceiling. Are you able to supply a chart with extraction rates to us?
    Kind regards
    Karen Andrews

  2. Sorry I have given you the wrong calculations so revise those calculations please as 2.3metres long by 1.7metres wide by 2.3metres high. Sorry for any confusion.

    Yours sincerely

    Karen Andrews

    1. Very valid question you have, we’re working on this chart of the extraction rates – all the manufacturers should have one, actually. We’ll soon come out with an article about this.

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