Invicta 3 Distribution Boards from Hager: The New Design and Features

This new range of Distribution Boards, type Bthe Invicta 3 range – meets all the 17th Edition needs (see 4 more reasons to choose the Invicta 3 Type B range of distribution boards from Hager). The Invicta 3 range of Type B boards from Hager has been manufactured and designed to meet with the new IEE Wiring Regulations. Take a look below to see all of the new features that Hager has designed in and how this is going to make installing a distribution board so much easier(this guide is also online via Hager).

1. Top Tap Off – 100A top tap off allows for the Invicta 3 Type B board extensions or MCB up to 100A with connection kit.

2. Shrouded Neutral Bar – Clear shrouded neutral bar to IP2X allows the contractor to install cables without removing the shroud. This ensures the safe and easy installation of the Invicta 3 Type B distribution boards.

3. Trunking Entry – The unique trunking entry obround system top and bottom enables the quick fitting of the Invicta 3 Type B distribution boards to trunking and without the extra cost in time and materials.

4. Clear Labeling – The L1, L2, L3 on moulding are visible with and without the front cover of the Hager Invicta 3 Distribution Board fitted, which show through the cover for ease of phase identification.

5. Single Pole Blank – New single pole blank design is easy to fit to both three phase boards and on a full DIN rail (single phase and DIN rail extension boxes).

6. Metering – The metering is integral with the main board of the Invicta 3 Type B – no need for an additional extension box – this is saving you both time and money.

Again, you can find this guide online via HagerInvicta 3 Distribution Boards Hager – and, to purchase this range of Type B Distribution Boards(the Hager Invicta 3), visit our website – Industrial Consumer Units.

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